4 Fort Worth Neighborhoods No One is Talking About

There is no point denying it. The Dallas- Fort Worth Metropolitan Area is *the* place to live and work! Natives to the area have always known this to be true, but the rest of the nation has caught wise to the tune of a 2.2% population increase from 2017 – 2018. With so many families making their way to the Metroplex, the housing market can be daunting right now. But it doesn’t have to be. The real question is: where should *you* be looking to purchase your first DFW based home?

Confession time; I live and work in Ft. Worth. I may be biased, but love it here, and I think you will too! Fort Worth has so much to offer, and the diversity in the housing market is truly a thing of beauty. The range of homes for sale that are available RIGHT NOW includes everything from 2 bedroom bungalows, to 6 bedroom chateaus. The options are limitless, and real estate values in Ft. Worth have been appreciating at an alarming rate. The time to buy is NOW. Then where to buy? Well, there are popular neighborhoods with homes for sale you can shop in, but you’re going to spend more money. There’s always the suburbs, but who *really* wants to commute when you have the option to NOT commute and keep a finger on the pulse of the city? It can seem impossible to find a house for sale that is both affordable, AND within the Ft. Worth city limits, but fear not! Finding your Ft. Worth dream home is as simple as knowing a real estate agent  who has looked beyond the scope of what is ‘easy’ to sell. As luck would have it, I am such a REALTOR®. I have a curated list of four neighborhoods in particular that I LOVE.

River District Fort Worth

River Oaks

Why am I so passionate about this area? Well, I live near the River District myself now. The healthy lifestyle that it encourages, is a tremendous blessing in my life! Being able to get out and go jogging on my own, or walk the Trinity River with my family have become my favorite pastimes. When you ask Fort Worth residents what they love to do most in their city, one thing you will hear time and time again is “walking the river”. It’s almost a cliche at this point, but cliches are there for a reason! Gently nestled by the Trinity River, The River Oaks area has been around pretty much as long at Fort Worth. Over the last decade, it has exploded with shopping and dining options, entertainment for all ages, and (my favorite thing) beautiful houses for sale that are just waiting for an adventure. The “River District” Project began in 2007, and Ft. Worth citizens have been reaping the benefits of of the 15 year economic development, even though the project isn’t yet complete.The folks over at Fort Capital have some exciting goals that are easy to get behind, but let’s chat homes! There are multiple homes for sale within walking distance of the Trinity River, and all its glory, but I want to point your attention to the part of River Oaks above White Settlement Road. This neighborhood will have you in the energy of the River District, but you won’t have to spend nearly as much money to get there. For less than $250,000, you can find a 3/2 home for sale on a larger lot than you would find for the same amount on the river. If a new home is what you are wanting, Village Homes and Clarity Homes are two builders doing amazing things in the River Heights gated community located in the “bell” of the river. A home should be more than just a functional place to cook and sleep; it should be beautiful. And with the view, and the breeze coming off the river, any home in this area will be a work of art.

Mary’s Creek

If what you are looking for is a lot of square footage, for a little of the dollars, Mary’s Creek is one of the first neighborhoods you should explore. Located in the North Benbrook area (76116 zip codes), many of the homes for sale in Mary’s Creek favor a 1960’s/70’s ranch style. Think: vaulted ceilings, community driven layouts, and large lots with GORGEOUS mature trees. And when I say “mature trees” I don’t mean that they’ve moved beyond knock-knock jokes in favor of a more intellectual brand of humor. They don’t tell jokes at all (that I know of), but they are TALL. Those saucer swings that are so popular right now? These are their dream trees. Stringing up a hammock and gazing up at the canopy of the night sky will be one of your favorite ways to kick back and relax on the weekend. If you’re looking to move based on school district, Waverly Park Elementary School is a favorite amongst young families in Ft Worth. For more information on Mary’s Creek and Waverly Park Elementary, feel free to ask good ole Uncle Google for help.

Oakhurst Fort Worth


Fairmount and Arlington Heights are known for their beautiful craftsman and tudor style homes. They’re also known for high home prices, but what if I told you that there are gorgeous craftsman and tudor style homes for sale outside of Fairmount and Arlington Heights? It’s true. Oakhurst is teeming with beautiful houses for sale. The average home price has been around $249K thus far in 2019, so Oakhurst is still affordable. But: it’s appreciating quickly. In the past 3 years, this neighborhood has seen the most increase in home value of any neighborhood in Ft Worth. If you want to lock in a good rate, now is definitely the time to shop around! And with downtown Fort Worth being less than 3 miles away, there is ample reason to come and discover the vintage charm found in the beautiful homes for sale in Oakhurst. And, if you try hard and believe in yourself, you could probably throw a rock from your front porch and hit the fun, owner-run shops on Race Street. Please don’t though, these people are my friends.

Alamo Heights Fort Worth

Alamo Heights

Before I start chatting about the next neighborhood you’re going to fall in love with, I have to tell you a story about baby Tyler. I grew up in College Station (thanks and gig ‘em), and like so many small Texas towns, the sound of trains coming and going and slowing and stopping was a constant in my life. Something that I could depend on; an audible comfort blanket, if you will. To some people, the sound of trains braking may be obnoxious, but to me it sounds like home. If your story is similar, then you will want to visit Alamo Heights, and take a look at the homes for sale in the area. With gorgeous hills and easy access to Hulen Street, Alamo Heights is a must see on the home buying list. You wouldn’t think that a neighborhood less than 10 minutes from Downtown Fort Worth would be easily affordable, but it’s true! Central Market will easily become your new favorite grocery store. Have you been to Mi Cocina yet? If not, WHY?  The Chapel Hill Shopping Center, which is, in general, an easy place to kick back and spend some time watching the world go by.

All of these neighborhoods are teeming with homes for sale that are eagerly waiting for someone to begin their story there. Are you ready to find yours?

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