7 Questions to ask Before Choosing a Real Estate Agent in Fort Worth

Choosing a real estate agent

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but the ‘For Sale’ signs around Fort Worth have changed in recent years. Sure, there are still some of the nationally recognized names of brokers who have been around for years, if not decades. But there are new ones you didn’t see a few years ago–some big brokers from other markets that are making their way into the Fort, and some who began locally. You have so many choices…so how do you choose?

Innovation and local market opportunity have created the perfect environment for you to have analysis paralysis the next time you decide to sell your home! Choosing the right brokerage is very important, and selecting an agent that is the best fit for you is equally important! After all, your home is possibly your most valuable asset in your financial portfolio! How it’s marketed and handled is personal, so you want to make sure this is navigated in a competent manner tailored to your individual needs.

Consider asking these questions when looking for your next real estate agent:

  1. Can you provide references from past clients?
  2. What is your experience in this neighborhood?
  3. How will you & your brokerage market the home?
  4. How will you communicate with me?
  5. Be honest. What is the biggest challenge my home will have?
  6. What is the highest possible price the current market will bear for my home and what should I expect to net?
  7. What media will you use, and can I see analytics and feedback?

The truth is, most people follow their gut and know in the first few moments of interaction if the agent is a good fit for them. But we encourage you to take a few moments to follow up on your intuition for the sake of your own financial needs. It is a BIG decision!

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