Amy Ware

From Fort Worth, Amy did not have to travel far for college when she became a mighty horned frog at our local Texas Christian University. After college, Amy moved to England for a spell. Settling back, she and her husband, Russell, moved to Aledo and are the proud of parents of very cute twin boys.

Work and Skills
Amy’s love for real estate began with an appreciation for homes. Initially, she was drawn to the architecture, unique interior design, beautiful landscaping and personal style of each property. Now, it is the relationships that draw her. The challenge of finding the right home for the person she’s serving. “What I have grown to LOVE about working in real estate is the people! I adore meeting new people, learning about their needs & desires and helping them find a house that matches their personalities and lifestyle.”

At the top of Amy’s list is hanging out with her family. She also loves to read, go to the movies, watch her boys play baseball & soccer as well as participate in church activities. Amy’s husband dubbed her “rapper name” as E-Nunce. Spend any amount of time with Amy and you will quickly learn that she enunciates her words pretty significantly. “I don’t know where it comes from or why I speak like that, but when I lived in England after college people were always wondering where I was from because they couldn’t place my ‘accent.’ This born & bred Fort Worthian does not come with a southern drawl.” Funny, huh?

Why League?
“Joining the team at LEAGUE was a no-brainer for me. My #1 goal as a real estate agent is to help people find a place to call HOME. People first, business second. The LEAGUE team echoes this mindset and it feels awesome to be surrounded by a group that genuinely wants to develop relationships and take care of people.”

Why Amy?
It is an honor to have Amy Ware as an integral part of the LEAGUE team. Direct. Confident. Kind. Decisive. Like any mom of twins, Amy is pretty impressive as she efficiently conducts work in half the amount of time it takes most normal professionals. Amy treats her clients with integrity and loyalty. We love having Amy on our team and we feel confident you will want her on your team as well!!