Aubrey Wright

Always driven to help others succeed, Aubrey enjoyed a fulfilling career as a high school math teacher, an instructional coach, and a drill team instructor. At the same time, she learned a great deal about the housing industry and the process of making a house a home both by observing her husband’s work as the owner of a construction and remodeling business and through their own fixer-upper home renovations. When she felt the urge to shift careers, Aubrey found a transition to real estate to be a natural and exciting prospect.

Work & Skills
As someone dedicated to service, Aubrey is committed to making things easier for others whenever possible. Education taught her to pay close attention and listen well to the needs of others and equipped her as a problem-solver and lifelong learner. She is incredibly detail oriented and a gifted communicator. If you ask her past clients, they would be quick to tell you that Aubrey is a fantastic advocate – she is reliable, knowledgeable, and readily available.

Together with her husband, Clint, and their two kids, Trinity and Trace, you can often find Aubrey cheering on her beloved Horned Frogs. Although born in Iowa, Aubrey is a proud TCU alum. In fact, being a TCU Showgirl is what brought her to Texas 20 years ago. Now she considers herself to be a full-fledged Texan and, with her family, enjoys sampling the best Mexican food restaurants in the metroplex. More important to her than her love for Mexican food or even TCU is Aubrey’s commitment to her faith. “I couldn’t walk through life without Him,” she says. Having served for years with YoungLife Christian youth outreach, she now focuses mainly on YoungLives, a program that works specifically with teen moms. Aubrey is also quite the athlete, devoted to her Camp Gladiator community and running whenever possible.

“When I began my research into real estate, I looked into many brokers, but none of them seemed to be a match for the heart behind why I wanted to pursue a career in real estate. When I learned that LEAGUE’s calling in real estate was to truly serve others, I knew it was exactly where I needed to be. I am excited to be a part of a company that is also a community.”

Why Aubrey?
We knew when we met Aubrey that her heart for people would fit perfectly with our mission here at LEAGUE, to equip service-oriented agents. She has the heart of an educator, that selfless ability to put people ahead of profit, as well as the tenacity and thirst for knowledge to be a powerful advocate for her clients. We are proud to have her on our team!