Cameron Cummings

When it comes to buying and selling homes, Cameron is committed and experienced. From buying and selling his own homes over the years to avidly watching HGTV, Cameron’s interest in real estate began long before he acquired a license. But it is really the people who drew him into the field. As he explains, “I am eager to work closely alongside clients with a long-term relationship, pursuing a product that you can see, touch, and get excited about.”

Work & Skills
You can feel Cameron’s excitement in the way he conducts business. Whether selling a lakeside vacation home in Granbury or a commercial property in Haltom City, Cameron views every client relationship as an opportunity to serve and he loves every aspect of it. Always up for a challenge, Cameron has a competitive side that pushes him to excel and to do the best he can for his clients. On top of this, Cameron cares deeply about Fort Worth and the surrounding area. When asked why he loves Fort Worth, he finds it difficult to pick just one thing, saying, “the food, the people, the culture, the layout and neighborhoods, the potential… and everything else.”

Cameron’s top priorities are his wife, Jenny, and their two kids Aubrey Jo and Jeremiah. But beyond this Cameron possesses a wealth of interests. He enjoys volunteering in leadership roles at his church or local organizations such as the Pregnancy Help Center or Ronald McDonald House. And then, of course, there is his competitive side which is evident whether playing golf, poker, or “aggressive inline skating” (you should definitely ask him about this). If you spend a little time with Cameron you might also learn that he loves breakfast food, has a scar on his forehead not unlike Harry Potter’s and he collects reprints and originals of Marvel comics.

“When I was finishing my real estate education, many brokerages came through and invited everyone to check out their ways of doing business – so I did… But after talking with Matt, Jeff, and Luke at LEAGUE about their goals and motives as an organization, there was no longer a need to consider anywhere else. LEAGUE serves people first, which is the only way I will ever do business.”

Why Cameron?
One of the many things we appreciate about Cameron is his commitment to seeing through a goal and completing it with excellence. This is evident in every area of his life, but it is certainly visible in the way he serves his clients in the real estate industry. He puts relationships first but he is also tireless in meeting the needs and wishes of his clients. We think you will be wowed by the energy and kindness he brings to his work. We certainly have been.