Jeff Anderson

Born in Houston, Jeff moved to Kansas City when he was twelve. At the end of his senior year, preparing for TCU in Fort Worth, Jeff followed a last minute prompting to go to K-State where he met and married his wife, Nikki. However, the pull of the Fort continued after graduation, so Jeff and his new bride traveled to Texas roots, warmer weather and Southwestern’s Marriage & Family Counseling program. A few masters degrees later and years working as a counselor, Jeff began to add real estate to his arsenal of vocational endeavors. An exploration that led to the creation of LEAGUE!

Work and Skills
Jeff worked locally conducting multi-systemic therapy as well as licensed private practice work sharpening skills of listening, communication and assessment. Growing up, Jeff was fascinated by communication and found himself free reading related topics. Jeff also worked in new construction and became versed in the sales process, construction knowledge and the mechanics of real estate. Working for a large north Texas brokerage taught him a lot about the industry.

Jeff’s priorities are his faith, his family and the relationships in his life. Jeff enjoys time with his wife as well as any adventure with his 3 daughters and son. Jeff and Nikki enjoy renovation and have taken on several home projects over the years. Jeff is creative, relational, driven, perfectionistic and yet values being laid back. Jeff loves to travel, watching his kids pursue their activities and adventures.

“For me, LEAGUE was the chance to work without the constraints of unnecessary convention and to really get to accomplish my client’s real estate goals in a more personal, meaningful way. LEAGUE thrives in a collaborative and healthy family-like culture, committed to creative media & marketing and ultimately about doing what is the best for our client, each time and every time.”
Why Jeff?
So truth be told, Jeff writes the bios and he would really be self-promoting here!! So call or text anytime. Would love to get to know you!