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Small Businesses in Fort Worth

Whether you own, work for, or frequent small businesses around Fort Worth, it’s no mystery that small businesses around our great city are feeling the strain of this new, self-quarantine normal in a big way. Many have already had to close or let go employees. It’s been heartbreaking to watch.

But the people of Fort Worth have always been an innovative bunch. There is a rich creative and entrepreneurial spirit in every corner of this wonderful town. Even as this virus has stretched small businesses like never before, it’s been awe inspiring to watch these businesses flex their creative muscles like never before! Today we salute all of the brave business owners out there who are thinking on their feet, getting creative, and tirelessly serving their clients no matter what is thrown their way.

Getting Creative

As a small business we aren’t immune to the ramifications of this crisis. Sure, interest rates are at an all time low and people definitely still want houses, but we have to be extra cautious in how we conduct our business and how we serve our clients well. For us this means pulling on all of our creative resources so that we can offer our clients 3D home tours, FaceTime home tours, Facebook Live open houses, and even (courtesy of some amazing title companies) virtual closings. We are continuing to think on our feet as we utilize every ounce of compassion and ingenuity to not only do our jobs well but also to serve our community well during this time.

In the vein of serving our community, we want to highlight a few businesses who are going above and beyond in a creative effort to keep their businesses afloat, spread love, and care for their clients and employees well! (Also, scroll down to the bottom of the blog for a list of other local businesses fiercely and creatively persevering)

Food: HG Supply

If you follow HG Supply’s social media feed you know they are adapting as quickly as they can to the current crisis. Their parent company 8020 Concepts has launched an entirely new website (DFWEats) aimed at serving its clients in brand new ways and meeting the needs of those in the service industry. They are offering brand new menus which in most cases include family meals and free delivery! And, as part of their DFW Eats movement, they are providing meals free of charge to struggling service workers! Visit their GoFundMe page to donate to this incredible cause and don’t forget to order some yummy food for the whole family!

Retail: Winton & Waits

It’s no great mystery why we love Winton & Waits! This local, female-run business is founded on the principle of doing good. They support story-forward businesses, businesses about more than just a bottom dollar. As a part of this ethos, Winton & Waits is launching a “Kindness Campaign.” Along with having sweet care packages you can buy and ship to a friend or loved ones, they will be offering a special candle available for only the cost of shipping and will send it to anyone anywhere in the USA. Candles are a great way to create a peaceful atmosphere and they have long been a symbol of hope. Now is a great time to show you are thinking of someone by sending them a candle. Support this mission by donating to the cost of candles (retail cost for each candle is $36) or sending a candle to a loved one. Keep an eye on their website for the launch of this incredible campaign!

Beverage: Acre Distillery and Blackland Distillery (and more!)

We love the boom in local breweries and distilleries around DFW! But we know that these companies, especially those that are still new are going to likely struggle in the days ahead. Acre and Blackland have decided to step up their game and think outside the box by turning their knack for making fantastic alcoholic beverages to the task of making alcohol-based hand sanitizer! That’s right, these Fort Worth distilleries are manufacturing hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray! While still seeking local authorization to produce these disinfectants on a larger scale, we applaud their innovation in these tough times! Check out their websites to find out if/when they will be making these items available for purchase.

Into the Unknown

This isn’t easy. Almost all of us know someone directly impacted by the Covid-19 fallout. Maybe a loved one has been laid off, maybe a child won’t get to walk the stage at graduation, maybe a trip was canceled, maybe you’ve had to take a major pay cut. We know that we can’t solve everything right away. But, by digging deep and relying on our inherent creativity and kindness we figure we can definitely make a difference! Read below a list of just some of the local businesses who are offering creative solutions during complicated times. Please know that this list is not exhaustive. There are simply too many incredible people in our city doing incredible things! Share your favorite local business and what they have to offer on social media and tag us in the post. We’d love to share! Use the hashtag #sharethelovefw so we can follow!

Food & Beverage

Booze to go! That’s right, in an unexpected twist, Texas has altered its laws and allowed restaurants and bars to sell alcohol to go or even delivery! Want a margarita? Check out places like Joe T. Garcia’s (and many more) that are offering their margaritas to go! Or order wine from Wine Haus, Thirty Eight & Vine, or many other local shops who are offering either curbside pickup or delivery (or both)!
Feed the family. Many Fort Worth restaurants are offering fantastic family meal specials to go. Currently at Fireside Pies you can get 1 appetizer, 2 salads, 2 pizzas, and a desert for $45! Bonnell’s and Waters are offering $40 meals for a family of 4! Call your favorite local restaurant and ask if they are offering family-style meals!
Wandering food trucks. Yes, many Fort Worth restaurants are dusting off a food truck or two and driving the neighborhoods to sell delicious meals to homebound citizens. Taco Heads has launched their food truck and as an added bonus, all tips are being donated to bartenders and servers all over Fort Worth!
Curbside anyone? Call your favorite local spot – We can almost guarantee they have set up a makeshift curbside system! We saw a great photo of The Blue Goose’s drive-up food and margarita station. Some restaurants such as Elerbies are putting their valet team to work bringing meals to your car!

Fight the Boredom!

Why not read? Forget Amazon and instead call up Leaves Books and Tea, Commonplace Books, or Monkey And Dog Books and ask about how to place a curbside order. Not only do they all offer great selections of books, but they can also likely order pretty much any book for you!
Stay in shape. Some people are seriously missing their favorite gym right now. Never fear, many of our locally-owned gyms such as The Pilates Concept, D Method and The Dailey Method are launching online classes. There are even opportunities for one-on-one Zoom training with local personal trainers such as FitBodies by Sharon.
Teddy bear snuggles. Teddy Bear Mobile is working on a delivery program so that they can drop off self-stuff stuffed animals and educational activities on your doorstep! And they are planning to offer an online fundraiser to donate stuffed animals to children’s charities.
Tire out the toddler. If you’re looking for ways to tire out your restless little one, companies such as The Little Gym of Fort Worth are offering virtual classes so that Little Ones can experience active fun at home!
Cookies please. Entertain the kids and feed your sweet tooth with a cookie decorating kit that could be a fun family activity. Check out Leigh Baking Co and Rowlyn Dough, just two of the bakeries offering this service!
Maintain your sanity. If you’re already losing your mind with your little ones stuck at home every day, try contacting Playstreet Museum, The Art Barn Studio, Whole Art Studio, The Happy Lark, or Cowtown Clay. All of these fantastic businesses are offering to-go games, toys, or activities for kids (and sometimes adults) to keep them using their creative juices even while stuck at home. Van Grow Art Studio for Kids is even shipping mystery boxes right to your home! Stock up for those rainy “I’m bored” kind of days.
Improve something. Seriously, we’re all stuck at home anyway, why not improve your home hiring someone to be your virtual interior designer such as Modern Menagerie Interiors. And while you’re working on your home, consider hiring a local business such as Lone Star Glass and Gutter to clean your gutters and the outside of your windows.
Learn something. Kids and adults can use this time to learn a new language through online Spanish classes through La Puerta Spanish Center. Or finally learn to play the piano with an online lesson through Parker Piano Studios.

For A Good Cause

Everyone loves a t-shirt. Printed Threads is providing a great opportunity to fundraise. They can help you launch a t-shirt fundraiser at no upfront cost to you. They are simply paid a portion of the sales. These sales can benefit any local charity or business. It’s a true win-win!
Struggling kids and parents. The Parenting Center is offering free workshops through Facebook Live! Check out the topic for each week and drop by to learn!
Art for artists’ sake. Browse some of the incredible art at Artspace111. Right now they are offering daily discounts and 25% of their sales will be donated to the Emergency Artists’ Support League which provides financial assistance to artists in need.
Take care of servers. Bonnell’s Restaurant Group has set up a Venmo account to help those who have lost their job in the service industry manage their daily expenses. Check out their Facebook page to find out more about donating to this cause.

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