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Hurley House, a locally-owned, one of a kind storefront in Fort Worth, Texas, is a purveyor of hospitality. Our friends at Hurley House are always cooking up some magic, with the desire to serve the community through the ease and convenience of high quality, gourmet food. Perhaps you’ve heard the name in friend circles, or tried their infamous sparkle sandwich cookies at a party! These pretty lil’ treats have been developing their own cult following. They even have their own hashtag! #sparklesandwhichcookie

But there is more to Hurley House than sparkly, sweet goodness. Did you know Hurley House has a dine-in option and a drive-through window (bonus)!? They serve lunch as well as delicious in-home market items. Take a peek at their menu board and swing by to pick up an amazing box lunch, or order salads and oven ready dinners–perfect for the whole family! And while you’re at it, pick up some baked goods for your kids’ teachers, your friend who just finished Whole 30, or for those co-workers you’ve been trying to win over! Hurley House also offers catering for special occasions or private events, as well as classes on the art of hospitality. Basically, whatever your needs are, they have you covered!

Please treat yourself and go visit our friends at Hurley House! We know you’ll feel right at home.

Located off Bryant Irvin in Fort Worth:

5512 Bellaire Drive South

Fort Worth, Tx. 76109

Phone: 817.349.8934

Hours: Monday – Friday 9-6 | Saturday  9-2


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