Wedgewood/South Hills

Wedgewood/South Hills

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About the Community

South Fort Worth is like suburbia in the city. Developed when the zoning trends were to create commercial hubs separate from residential enclaves, you get quiet streets and tons of neighbors with a massive amount of retail just a short drive a way. Basically, you get to have your cake and eat it too.

South Hills, just inside the Loop, and Wedgewood, just outside the Loop, are experiencing an abundance of renovations and an insurgence of youth. Still sprinkled with established homeowners, these loosely 60s-era homes are becoming a popular pick for those wanting some character in their older homes, yet some benefits harder to find at the city center, such as two car garages, sometimes larger lots and even a lower price tag.

A little farther south, homes get slightly newer, like the spacious 70s homes and well-manicured lots in Candleridge or the modern builds in Hulen Bend. All enjoy access to the aforementioned Hulen area amenities and a couple of beautiful sprawling parks like Kellis and Candleridge to promote that suburban feel.

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