Stronger Together: LEAGUE COVID-19 Update

Friends in DFW and around the world, this is unprecedented territory for all of us. We know many have been walking around (or sitting at home) wondering what to do and how to feel in the face of gloomy news and the very real threat of the spread of this pandemic.

Here at LEAGUE we hold fast to our commitment to serve our city well during this time. Yes, many things have changed, but some truths always remain the same. First, no matter what is going on around us, it’s always possible to live well and love people well – that is a choice. Second, information is power. It’s important to stay informed as best we can – and maybe not just from our social media news feeds. And third, having a plan – even a flexible plan – is incredibly important in order to thrive.

Live well: Your Safety and Wellbeing

We are being incredibly cautious about how we serve our clients and our agents. This means we have been thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing our offices while also encouraging our agents to work from home and use the office spaces as little as possible. This means our agents are trying to carry with them hand sanitizer (if they can get it) and disinfectant wipes or spray for themselves and their clients. It also means we are getting creative with the services we offer. Some agents are offering FaceTime or Skype home walk throughs or various kinds of virtual open houses. We even have a relationship with a title company that is now offering remote closings. And as an agency we have put together care packages to have ready for those in our community who might need some basic necessities during this time.

Stay Informed: the Current Market

We want to give you an honest look at current market dynamics in light of the Covid-19 outbreak and subsequent fallout. With limited data and an ever-changing national market, the real estate market in Tarrant and Parker County are in a state of flux. On one side, we have an unforeseen economic disruption causing job loss and business closures; on the other side, we have mortgage rates at record lows encouraging purchases. This is causing a rather unique situation where some are approaching the market as an opportunity and others with caution. In the last week alone, 650 homes went under contract in Tarrant and Parker County while 600 reduced their price. The market truly has no firm direction. During this unpredictable season we want to encourage all of our sellers to exercise patience until more data can be gathered and market trends reveal themselves. Currently, each day the real estate market is a new proposition waiting to be reacted to. We highly advise against any sudden or drastic changes in the status of your property during the upcoming weeks until the long-term impact of the Covid-19 virus is thoroughly known. Your LEAGUE listing agent will be in constant contact during this time. As solid data and trends emerge, they will advise you according to your specific situation.

Have a Plan: Marketing Strategy

We have outlined some specific plans above when it comes to monitoring the market and providing for the safety of our clients and our team. When it comes to marketing our LEAGUE listings, we will continue to provide our online marketing campaigns geared towards maximum reach and views. While meeting in person is our favorite way to interact with you, we want you to know that our agents are fully equipped to move as much of our business online as possible. There are many effective marketing options which include cinematic highlight videos, social media campaigns, postcards, virtual FaceTime showings, agent video previews, and marketing with online 3-D virtual tours. As always, we will continue making life easier with online document signing & online transaction management.

As you navigate what all of this means for you and those you love, know that we are here for you! If you are or were considering buying or selling a home, we would be happy to have an honest conversation with you about what that looks like during this season. The business of buying and selling homes in Fort Worth and surrounding areas is still alive and well. Yes, we are taking plenty of precautions. We are prepared to institute special measures to ensure that if you visit homes or have people visiting your home that’s for sale, we do so with caution and sanitize whenever we can. We understand there are a lot of unknowns currently. Rest assured we will continue doing business in your best interest along with everyone’s health and safety as a top priority.

We’re here for you and always #ReadyToServe!

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