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Alberto was born in Hollywood, California and grew up in a patriotic, grounded family while attending school with then and would-be celebrities. Never to compare, he was raised with a mother who would say “they were rich in love.” Determined to follow his uncle’s military example, Alberto entered the United States Military Academy at West Point after community college and prep school. Halfway across the country, Devon spent the majority of her childhood and formative years in Texas – much of it in a small, Friday Night Lights sort of town. Type-A and high-achieving, she entered the same year group at West Point as Alberto at the age of 17. They met at Fort Sill in Oklahoma after graduation in 2007, were deployed to Afghanistan, married, deployed again, and made the decision to honorably discharge after discovering in each other an entrepreneurial spirit. Talks of investing in real estate turned into jumping – both feet – into becoming REALTORS®. Not knowing a soul nor a street, they moved to Fort Worth in 2014 to make their vision come to life.

Work & Skills
For both Alberto and Devon, military life imparted discipline and integrity above everything else. They say what they’ll do, and they do what they say. As officers, they were charged with huge responsibility: mentoring and guiding Soldiers, planning and resourcing operations, and critical thinking in time sensitive situations. Their hearts for service began in the military, and they saw in real estate a chance to continue that legacy of service, one family and one home at a time.

They’ve helped nearly 400 families since beginning their careers in 2014 – and what they have found is that the market does not determine success. What determines success for their clients is being data-driven, process-oriented, attentive to the market, and proactive with communication. Alberto says, “Taking the time to listen and connect with our clients is what allows us to envision and ultimately accomplish our clients’ goals.”

First and foremost are faith and family. Devon says, “Time for involved hobbies outside of business and our five wonderful, vibrant children is hard to come by. We like to keep it simple – like game night with the family – ie, emotionally manipulating our children to win Monopoly and Scrabble.” They are regulars at the gym; exercise and healthy living and spending time outdoors is ingrained in them after the military and a lifetime of youth sports. Every Thursday evening is dinner with the grandparents in Hudson Oaks at what they’ve dubbed “Camp Chankla”. Future projects will one day include vegetable gardening, raising animals for meat and milk, and general homesteading adventures. They gratefully volunteer time, talent, and treasure to their church community at Saint Andrew’s.

“We saw in LEAGUE an alignment with our every guiding principle when it comes to how we approach real estate – from the creative and innovative marketing to the collaborative, vibrant spirit of the office – we saw a group of agents and leaders focused on service and on the local community and – most importantly – on the client experience. It couldn’t be a better fit.”

Why Devon and Alberto?
Devon and Alberto bring the full package to their clients: the experience of seasoned, tested agents along with all their resources and knowledge, coupled with their unwavering devotion to their clients and their success. Those who have had the pleasure of working with them describe them as attentive and responsive, data and detail-driven, honest, hard working at getting the best deal, kind and courteous, and going above and beyond. Their emphasis on providing exceptional service with integrity made them an obvious fit for LEAGUE and it is our joy to have them on our team!



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