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Anna Clogg

There is something about a new home that represents the excitement and possibility of a new stage of life. That is how Anna has always felt. She first experienced this excitement when she worked for a new home builder, but was soon drawn to become an agent because of the diverse possibilities it opened up and the ability to work with clients from all over the Metroplex as they embark on the journey of buying or selling a home.

Work & Skills
Anna is no novice to the real estate industry, having years of experience buying and selling homes. She never tires of each new experience with a client. Anna views each person or family she works with as unique, with their own needs, stories, and goals and nothing makes her happier than to get to know her clients, helping them navigate the next stage, whether it’s buying or selling a home – or both. As a professional, mother, and long-time resident of Fort Worth, Anna knows that the value of finding the right home in the right location cannot be underestimated.

The highest priorities to Anna are her faith and her family. As a mother of four kids she is a master of navigating busy schedules and full lives. And somehow, while faithfully serving her clients, she also finds time to spend with her neighbors and help out at her church. She may have journeyed to Canada for college and even married a Canadian, but Anna’s heart belongs to Texas. She will tell you that after years in the north she couldn’t wait to get home to her Texas roots. Her favorite things include spending time with her kids by the pool, hosting friends and family, and baking chocolate chip cookies!

Why League?
“I see real estate as a service…and LEAGUE’s highest goal is to serve people well. This is the kind of team that I want to be a part of.”

Why Anna?
We love Anna. She delights in the stories homes hold, both the history and the possibility for new stories. Her very first home in Fort Worth, a historic 1917 bungalow in Mistletoe Heights, was once the childhood dwelling of astronaut Alan Bean of Apollo 12. Anna recalls, “We would tell our kids that someone who walked on those same hardwood floors also walked on the moon.” And Anna takes hold of each story and each home with the same imaginative enthusiasm. She wants each client to find the right home for their future stories, a home that will serve as the setting for the next stage of their lives.

We here at LEAGUE have been touched by the way Anna views each client and each home as a valuable individual whom she serves faithfully and guides expertly along the adventure of home ownership. We know your investment will be in great hands with Anna!

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