Cassandra Spann

Cassandra spent the majority of her childhood years in Spain before moving to Texas! She worked as a Banker for several years, but after various personal experiences selling homes, Cassandra decided to pursue a career in real estate. She has worked in both residential and commercial RE, owns her own rental properties and does the occasional house flip!

Work & Skills
With over 20 years of experience under her belt, Cassandra is a force to be reckoned with. She is a seasoned professional and a strong negotiator on both sides. Her main goal is to help her clients understand the entire process, protecting them and keeping their best interests front and center. Cassandra has a team to assist her (including her brother), which makes communication and transactions run more smoothly!

Cassandra is very active in the Burleson community. She was a volunteer for the local police department, served as head of “La Buena Vida De Burleson” (a Cinco de Mayo event), and as an ambassador for the Chamber of Commerce. She enjoys live music out on a patio as well as the summer concerts and movie nights put on by the city. Prior to Covid, Cassandra would take 3-4 trips per year, and she hopes to get back to traveling again real soon. In her travel bag, you’ll be sure to find her favorite lip gloss and BC powder handy!

“LEAGUE still embodies the values that most national companies have lost. They are family oriented, care about their agents’ success and their community. They truly are good people to work with and I enjoy their company and what they have to offer.”

Why Cassandra?
Cassandra is a hard working and experienced professional. She is aggressive in all the right ways, quick to respond, and fun to be around! This makes the entire process both smooth and enjoyable.