Christa Holbert

What do you get when two north Texas locals, both only children with similar names, get married? Well, Christa and Chris Holbert actually. And Christa, like many onlies, exudes responsibility, a commitment to justice, a dedication for achievement and is fiercely determined which makes her an amazing asset to her clients!

Work and Skills
Growing up in her family’s real estate business sparked a passion within Christa and built a foundation of competency of the industry. Whether helping increase an investment portfolio or secure a dream home, Christa enjoyed growing success each successive year in the industry. Christa conducts her business with honesty, integrity, compassion, attention to detail and always protecting her client’s best interests.

Christa is very happily married to her husband, a Fort Worth native and TCU alumni. Radically breaking their family trend, they enjoy two amazing kids, both a daughter and son. The Holberts live in Ridglea Hills, where they are active members of the neighborhood association. You can find Chris out running in the evening, or the family feeding the ducks or possibly standing in the front yard of their recently renovated home…a fun project that tested Christa’s resolve but was worth it in the end! Otherwise, in her spare time, Christa enjoys TCU football games, card night with her girlfriends and spending time with her family.

So Christa, what’s your favorite thing about LEAGUE?

“I made the decision to align with LEAGUE because I felt they (we) are committed to excellence for today as well as the future of our local real estate market. Cloud based, media focused, relationally intentional, professional, local and competitive…I’m honored to be on the team at this Fort Worth brokerage.”

Why Christa?
Real estate agents tend to have certain strengths that help them excel, yet the demands of the role sometimes also expose one’s weaknesses. Christa is uniquely balanced in her skills: her warm personable rapport, very efficient and thorough, direct at mediating and a skilled negotiator. One home buyer said, “Tact, grace, and professionalism are three qualities that summarize Christa Holbert. Her business acumen, strategic negotiating skills and willingness to ‘go the extra mile to accomplish the goal at hand’ are the key components that allow her to consistently deliver extraordinary service to her clients.” She’s pretty special. We highly recommend her!!


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