Debbie Byrd


Debbie spent her early years in Houston before moving to Nashville to attend Belmont University. She graduated with a BA in Marketing with an emphasis on the music industry and worked there until her late 20s, when she decided to move back to Texas to pursue a career as a full time worship leader and songwriter. In 2008, she got her real estate license as a side-gig, but after several years and several children, she gave up life on the road and became a full time agent!

Work & Skills
While interning in the music industry, Debbie would continually come up with new, out of the box marketing ideas for individual artists. She applies that same creativity in marketing every home she lists. “To me, each home is just as unique and special as the new artists I would work with, and has the potential for unique marketing.”

Debbie’s other passions lie in music, football, and travel. She still enjoys leading worship around town, going to A&M football games (they are veteran season ticket holders), and traveling to the family ranch. Debbie and her husband, Wesley, have 3 children, so naturally they spend a lot of time at the kids’ schools. She can’t live without Jesus, and she believes life is better with coffee and tacos (amen)! Also, fun fact: her former band, The Grievous Angels, won Texas Music Awards Vocal Artist of the Year in 2013!

Debbie’s favorite aspect of the Fort Worth market is the people. “It doesn’t seem to matter what price point, Fort Worth has and attracts some of the most down to earth people. I tell everyone I meet that it’s my favorite place I’ve ever lived!”

“After a couple of years of observing LEAGUE on social media, there is just no comparison to how well they consistently represent Fort Worth area clients. Not only that, the agents and their smiling faces all make me want to be their friend!

Why Debbie?
Debbie is experienced, creative, patient and honest. She works hard for every client to ensure they have the best experience possible!