Elle Snodgrass

Elle grew up in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in Knoxville, Tennessee. You could say that she was born to love real estate! Her mother was a Real Estate agent, so from a very early age Elle would accompany her to showings, project homes she was working on, and popping in various open houses on the weekends. At age 2, her mom would strap her into her carseat and drive around in hopes that she would fall asleep, but if they happened to drive past a sign that said “open house,” Elle would ask to go in! After high school, Elle moved to Mississippi to attend Ole Miss, then spent time in both Nashville and Charleston before finally landing in Fort Worth.

Work & Skills
Real Estate combines Elle’s passion for helping others with her love of architecture and design. She enjoys meeting new people and connecting them with others. With a background in PR and Marketing, she is skilled at creating unique marketing strategies that fit each individual buyer or seller. Elle is a young, resourceful “go-getter” and visionary who truly enjoys finding creative ways to solutions and problem solving.

Elle spends her spare time out on the town with friends, walking and shopping along the bricks of Camp Bowie or enjoying an evening drink on a local patio. She is a self-proclaimed foodie who loves trying new places! After getting her work out in at SPENGA, you’ll often find her somewhere along the Trinity River sharing snacks and cuddles with her four-legged BFF pup, Swayze. A fan of spontaneity, Elle is always up for travel and adventures, big or small.

“LEAGUE was a natural choice. It is unique in its style, culture, people and passion. You are always surrounded by creativity and inspiration, from the agents to the office space. The people here truly like and care for one another. Getting into the business at a young age in a city where I didn’t grow up, it was important to work with others who I could learn from in a welcoming environment. It’s inspiring to be surrounded by smart, hard working, cool people. Inside and out, LEAGUE is unlike the rest.”

Why Elle?
Elle embodies a great combination of kindness and tenacity. She is driven and dedicated to getting the very best for her clients while keeping the process light-hearted and fun! She has a genuine love for helping others achieve their personal goals. Her creativity and commitment to her clients’ best interests are qualities that make her a great agent to have in your corner!