Haley Woods

Haley has spent the majority of her life in the great state of Texas. When she was younger, her family moved around quite a bit (8 times to be exact), but it wasn’t all bad. Haley loved going to look at new homes with her parents! They eventually landed in the small town of Westlake, where Haley graduated from Westlake Academy before attending Baylor University and majoring in Professional Sales & Real Estate. Following college graduation, Haley moved to Austin to work for Oracle as a sales rep and got engaged to her high-school sweetheart. After two years in Austin, they decided to move back to the DFW area to be close to family. Once married, Haley and her new husband, Ethan, began their own search for a home. This search reignited her love for the entire process and started Haley on her real estate journey.

Work & Skills
Haley was shocked to realize how much of her current training and sales background translated to real estate transactions. It was the height of COVID, and since she was often stuck inside, Haley committed to take the classes and test for her license. Though her initial plan was to do real estate on the side, she quickly realized how much she loved it and decided to take on real estate full time. Haley’s college experience, training and sales skills come in handy every day. “I love that I can use those technical skills & match it with such a fun, personal and creative way to work and help others in their real estate goals.”

For Haley, the most valuable thing in life is her faith. Ethan and Haley attend 121
Community Church in Grapevine. She cherishes quality time with family and close friends, as well as trying new things, activities and experiencing different cultures. In the summertime, you’re most likely to find them out at Possum Kingdom lake!

Haley is very involved in dog rescue through fostering, volunteering, coordinating and networking for the most needy dogs in Texas. They have fostered over 50 dogs in the last few years and absolutely love it!

“I chose to be a part of the LEAGUE team because I love the “homey” feel of the office and the people in it. In addition to being top of the industry, it is evident that they genuinely care about their peers and their clients. LEAGUE also offers so many amazing resources and
opportunities to their clients that I have found to be unmatched at any other brokerage.”

Why Haley?
Haley’s love for the real estate process is evident and infectious! Her client’s describe her as fun and easy going, yet dedicated and hard working. She truly enjoys negotiating & getting creative, going above and beyond to deliver for everyone she works with!