Judy Clark

“I like people and I like houses,” Judy says in her characteristic frankness, and I have a knack for seeing the potential in both.” There is a common thread between her accomplished career as a nurse and her love for real estate – serving people in times of significance. Whether serving a patient and their new baby or negotiating a contract, Judy has always found she does her best work when serving people, helping them achieve their goals and dreams.

Work & Skills
Both people-driven and task-driven, Judy describes herself as an extrovert who is “completely energized by being with people”. In her work as a real estate agent, she is devoted to the people she is serving. She delights in truly getting to know her clients, listening to their needs, and communicating honestly and consistently. She is a creative networker who will passionately work towards helping you achieve your desires and goals. She is relentless in her pursuit of whatever lies before her. You can be sure, with her on your team, your needs will be her number one priority.

Neck-and-neck with her love for people is Judy’s love for animals, specifically rescue animals. Her own ragtag furry family is comprised of three weenie dogs, one dog she describes as “just a yellow dog,” and a cat, all of whom are rescues. Judy has her Masters Degree in Nursing and is an Assistant Professor of Nursing at TCC. When not saving lives (animals and people), Judy enjoys traveling, hosting house parties, cheering on her TCU Horn Frogs, and sampling the many amazing restaurants Fort Worth has to offer.

“LEAGUE is collaborative, creative, sincere, and it feels like ‘my people.’ It doesn’t feel like there is competition between the agents. LEAGUE agents work hard with each other not against each other. I really appreciate and thrive in that type of environment.”

Why Judy?
From the moment you meet Judy, you will know you have found a strong ally. She will tell you “I never met a stranger,” and that is genuinely true. Her clients would describe her as friendly, dependable, creative, hospitable, and loyal. She is able to combine both empathy and relentless resourcefulness in order to meet her clients’ every need. We hope you have the opportunity to know and work with Judy. She is unstoppable!


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