Kristin Barnett

When Kristin decided to leave a successful eleven-year corporate career, it made sense that she would turn to real estate. She will tell you that real estate was always an interest for her; “some might say obsession,” she jokes. She certainly made the right decision as, aside from being an exceptionally talented agent, she can finally say, “I love going to work every day!”

Work & Skills
In her previous career, Kristin received professional training in communications and negotiations which have served as excellent resources in the world of real estate. She also has a natural candor and professionalism that consistently impresses her clients. Always dedicated to the success and wellbeing of those she serves, Kristin is always available and attentive to her clients as well as tireless in her work ethic.

A strong believer in the simple pleasures of life, Kristin enjoys spending time with her husband, James, and her two daughters, Avery and Sophie. James’ three boys often spend time with them as well – and it’s not uncommon to have additional kids over as well – “when you have five kids, what’s a couple more?”  Kristin jokes that “opposites attract” when she speaks of her husband, a naval officer who will soon be spending a year in the middle east on deployment. But when they are together, Kristin and her family love being outdoors together. Just after family and friends, Kristin’s priorities are coffee, music, yoga and her French Bulldog, Quincy (technically it’s her daughter’s dog, but Kristin may try to claim him).

“LEAGUE offers the type of environment anyone would want to work in — supportive, collaborative and inspirational. I’m thrilled to be part of the team!”

Why Kristin?
Whether buying or selling a home, Kristin is everything one would hope for in an agent and ally. She works hard for her clients and puts their needs first. She is honest, professional, and determined. But it is her love for the work that truly makes her a gifted agent, and it is this love that fuels her. We are excited to have Kristin as one of our agents and look forward to seeing the many happy clients who will have the privilege of working with her over the coming years!

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