Kyle Fox

Kyle’s family roots in Northeast Tarrant County date back five generations. His grandfather founded a small business in Grapevine that his family still runs today, so he had a love for his local community instilled in him from a young age. His draw to serve people around him has fueled a twenty-year journey of serving members of his community through public education, ministry, local outreach, and real estate.

Work and Skills
Kyle’s work history in organizational leadership not only provided an opportunity to lead large teams but also to manage substantial, complex budgets. He has a desire to see others possess the tools and knowledge necessary to make wise, beneficial financial decisions and steward their resources well.

When Kyle thinks back on the purchase of his family’s first home, he remembers the sometimes overwhelming feeling of navigating forms and decisions he did not fully comprehend at the time. Over more than a decade and multiple real estate transactions later, he has grown his practical knowledge and everyday application for the real estate process. Kyle is passionate about bringing peace and clarity to situations that are often chaotic and confusing.

Making family memories! One of Kyle’s favorite things to do is take a long road trip to the beach with his family. He also enjoys a low-key day of riding bikes around the neighborhood with his daughters and relaxing by the pool just the same. He and his wife met and were married at their church, where they both still enjoy attending, serving, and teaching. Kyle also has a heart for local heroes and loves to find ways to support local school districts, teachers, and families within the community.

After observing LEAGUE from a distance and through friends, as well as being a former LEAGUE client, Kyle esteems LEAGUE’s commitment to clients, unmatched attention to detail through creative media, excellence, and core values.

Why Kyle?
Kyle is a person of integrity, intentionality, and service. He hopes every client will feel more equipped, confident, and well-informed at the end of every process than they did at the beginning, and it shows. He truly embodies LEAGUE’s commitment to service, integrity and meaningful efforts and we are proud to have him on our team!

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