Lori Beal

REALTOR® | Fort Worth/Parker County Office Manager

Born and raised in Fort Worth, Lori’s experiences and relationships in our local area run deep. A graduate of University of North Texas in Denton, Lori finished with a degree in psychology before pursuing a 15-year career at a global telecommunications company.

Work & Skills
Incredibly meticulous and efficient, Lori has always excelled at mastering systems and creating processes. Her long tenure navigating human resources and program management speaks to her meticulous capacity for detail and systems.

Lori is crazy about her husband, Brady, as well as her two amazing kids. Enthusiastically, Lori agreed to move to Brady’s hometown of Aledo, where they built and eventually had kids. Lori enjoys serving at their church home. “I love getting to serve in both our women’s bible study as well as children’s ministry. We spend most of our “free” time at youth sporting events or doing anything outdoorsy. We love our Bearcats!” (Aledo mascot)

“This was an easy decision for me. I pretty much agreed to help launch this company with very little information, but knew it was going to fill a needed void in the market. I’m pretty meticulous with details. I knew the details could get hashed out if the vision was right and that is exactly what happened!!”

Why Lori?
“Lori is a gift. Great attitude. Always up for whatever. Hard working. Genuine. Loves her clients and truly values just being helpful. Lori plays a vital support role as well as conducts her own real estate transactions. You can trust that Lori will take great care of you and will make sure your goals are prioritized.”