Mandy Saldana

Mandy has always been an admirer of homes – all kinds of homes. It didn’t matter if she was “in the market;” Mandy was constantly perusing the real estate section of the newspaper, wandering through open houses, and visiting every new development to admire the model homes. Why? She will tell you, “There’s just something great about seeing all the different ways there are to make a house into a home.”

Work & Skills
When she began looking for an opportunity to shift away from a career that was requiring more and more travel time, there was only one choice – real estate. She now gets to pursue a field she is passionate about and spend more time with her family. And that’s what Mandy is all about, passion and people. She wants to take the stress out of the process and focus on individuals instead of numbers. Nothing delights her more than watching a new client find a home they fall in love with and helping them make it their own.

Family, of course, is Mandy’s number one priority. On many evenings you might run into Mandy with her sons, Eli and Malone, and husband, David, walking their dog or riding their bikes down to River Legacy. Mandy has a deep affection for Fort Worth for its friendliness and relaxed vibe. If you ask Eli and Malone, they will tell you two things about their mom: she loves coffee and she can and will break into song at any given moment.

“LEAGUE feels like home. The values here are right in line with mine. I love working with people to help them find a new home or sell their current home and being able to take some of the stress out of the process for them.”

Why Mandy?
Mandy is not unlike the city she loves, friendly and relaxed. She works hard for her clients because she cares about them and truly wants them to feel at peace in the home-buying and selling process. People are never numbers to Mandy. She gives each client individualized attention, the full warmth of her personality, and the depth of her commitment. We couldn’t be happier to have Mandy as part of the LEAGUE family!


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