Reily Simons

Reily’s career in real estate began at the bright young age of 22! During her junior year at Baylor University, she began working for a successful commercial real estate firm in Dallas. After graduating with a degree in Real Estate, Reily’s career brought her to a residential brokerage here in Fort Worth.

As a daughter of small business owners, Reily was instilled with an entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to build her own business. Her drive and goal-oriented personality led her to pursue the idea of real estate as a career. “I loved the idea of real estate because it is limitless! I wanted to accomplish my own goals and choose the standards I set for myself and my profession.”

Work & Skills
Having grown up in the small business world, Reily learned first hand what it takes to run a successful business with superior customer service. She is knowledgeable, driven, detail-oriented and highly organized, but her greatest strength is communication. For Reily, real estate is all about communication and building relationships.

Reily’s faith and family are her bedrock. She is the oldest of 5 and enjoys spending time with her parents and siblings, especially cheering on her brothers in basketball and football. Her other loves are her two dogs (ie: babies), Fred and George! Though she is a professional business woman, Reily knows how to have fun! “I’m a huge goofball and love to make a joke of myself and laugh! I am notorious at Game Nights for pulling out the karaoke speaker, grabbing the mic and singing and dancing like there’s no tomorrow!” Other loves include hanging at local coffee shops, visiting University Center and Clearfork, and going to the Kimball Art Museum with her grandmother.

“I love the intentionality of the partners (Matt, Luke and Jeff) and what they have created. League is an outstanding brokerage where only the best realtors are found. I wanted to surround myself with people that would push me…people I aspire to be like. I am honored to be a part of the League Team!”

Why Reily?
Reily is hard-working, driven, knowledgeable and diligent. Her communication style and commitment to each client demonstrate not only her strengths, but her strength of character. She deeply cares for each client, listening to and remembering the smallest details of what they truly want. Here is what one client-turned-friend has to say about Reily: “She proves daily that she is a hard-charging fighter and works tirelessly to get everything just right for her clients. In the ever changing, complex real estate market of today, it is good to have someone as qualified and determined for your best interest as Reily was for ours.”

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