Sadie Aasletten

From the start Sadie has always been inquisitive and driven. Earning her Bachelor of Science in Ecology, Sadie was able to utilize her skills in collecting and analyzing data. But one thing was missing when she looked ahead at a career in scientific research – the human connection. It was her combined passion for people, analyzing evidence, and helping others achieve their goals that led her first to the field of personal training and then eventually to real estate.

Work & Skills
In her work as a personal trainer, Sadie experienced the immense personal satisfaction that comes from helping other people achieve their goals. And she applies the same heroic work ethic and relentless pursuit of goals to assisting her real estate clients in achieving one of the biggest goals: home ownership. You can hear Sadie’s zeal for her clients and her work when she describes the home buying process, “I think it’s a beautiful thing to be invited to share such a personal and exciting experience in a person’s life.” Today Sadie is able to bring together her own diverse skills and experience in a unique way to serve her clients effectively.

Sadie’s tenacious, goal-driven personality can be seen in every area of her life. In fact, when asked about the one thing she couldn’t live without, she immediately says her daily planner – the key to helping her facilitate a full life. Aside from work appointments, some of the things you might find in this planner are bike rides along the Trinity, boating expeditions on Lake Worth, hiking trips, yoga classes, and of course meetups at great Fort Worth restaurants and attractions with friends and family. You’ll also find travel plans as Sadie is passionate about seeing new places and meeting new people.

“LEAGUE caught my eye because it is one of the premier REALTOR® groups in Tanglewood, the neighborhood where I live, but what finalized the deal was the laid-back, homey atmosphere. I’m a part of a family at LEAGUE and being a part of a team of people who really care about each other is powerful.”

Why Sadie?
In Sadie you will find an advocate who is energetic and driven and entirely committed to helping you achieve your goals. We’ve been wowed by Sadie’s blend of analytical skill when it comes to understanding the market and her commitment to serving people. She is tough, fun-loving, and tenacious. What else would you expect from the woman who helped found the first women’s rugby team at her university? She loves Fort Worth and knows the city well. We have no doubt Sadie will go above and beyond your expectations and make your real estate goals a reality.

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