Samson McClane

Indoctrinated into the industry at a young age, Samson spent his formative years in Odessa, Texas shadowing his mom — a real estate pro. Watching her clients meet their goals while she forged lifelong relationships, he learned early to deeply value people and work hard. TCU brought him to the area and his love for Fort Worth inspired him to continue in his mother’s footsteps in Cowtown.

Work & Skills
Graduating with a degree in Finance & Accounting, Samson exudes a strong business acumen. Excelling in academics, Samson learned through education the rewards of dedication, discipline and applying himself. Sports also played a formative role in Samson’s development; instilling a strong character, appreciation of diversity and the importance of teamwork.

Community is huge for Samson. An avid sports fan, Samson can be found at most any local TCU game that he can spare time for. Involved in leadership at Christ Chapel Bible Church’s young adult ministry, he’s dedicated to deep relationships with new and old friends. Samson also volunteers with The NET, a local non-profit dedicated to rehabilitating lives. Summed up: faith, family, friends…service.

“I chose LEAGUE because it fit me. Meaningful service and creative media resonate with my own approach to real estate. For me, it’s about community and the opportunity to help people with one of the biggest decisions and investments in their life. The relationships I’ve built with my clients are priceless to me.”

Why Samson?
“Samson exudes a warmth to those around him. Meticulous, caring, conscientious…Samson’s genuine and gentle way of thoroughly serving his clients is inspiring. Samson offers a heart that creates a very personal experience for his clients. We are proud to serve along side him!”


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