Teacy Bernardy

Teacy is a Fort Worth native. A graduate of Nolan Catholic High School, Teacy pursued her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Dallas and went on to Texas Women’s University for her Masters. Real estate, education, work in her family business, raising kids (and now grandkids) has all taught Teacy a broad understanding of people, how to communicate, the value of fairness, and created a tenacious work ethic and not to mention a pretty good attention to detail!

Work and Skills
Teacy was initially licensed in real estate in the late 70’s and has held her license at other local Fort Worth luxury brokerages before coming to LEAGUE. Teacy taught general and special education and served as an educational diagnostician for nearly 25 years which helped form Teacy’s broad understanding of people. After retiring, Teacy served as a funeral director for her family’s business, Thompson, Harveson and Cole, a reputable, local funeral home that has served families since 1911. This offered Teacy a strong business sense and the know-how to handle hard matters delicately and diplomatically. These 3 professional experiences have shaped and informed Teacy’s current real estate work.

Teacy married her husband, Paul in 1975 and today is a proud nana to 12 wonderful grandchildren. Also close to Teacy’s heart is her faith. Teacy volunteers at Saint Andrew’s Catholic Church where you would find her serving on the Baptism team, offering Eucharist, attending a Sanctus retreat… When Teacy isn’t working, she loves to spend time with family, play bridge and just enjoy life in cowtown, a small town she’s watched grow up into a big city.

“I have had unique opportunities to gain experience helping others reach goals and overcome challenges and I resonate with the LEAGUE mantra: ‘Ready To Serve’. I spent a long time considering my decision and ultimately concluded positioning myself at LEAGUE provided me with the next level of creative media I wanted to serve my client’s marketing needs.”

Why Teacy?
Teacy is tenacious. Teacy negotiates with a stamina and resolve that few agents maintain. Her capacity for serving her clients and offering a fully engaged professional experience leaves her clients assured that she cares as much about the outcome as they do. She also cares deeply for the people she serves. Teacy values the long-term relationships that have knit her heart into the fabric of Fort Worth and is just as invested and interested in new relationships and opportunities. So if Teacy is new to you, don’t be shy to give her a call! She’d be honored. And we are honored to have Teacy on our team!!!