The Story of our New Building and the Future of LEAGUE

A few weeks ago we broke the news that LEAGUE recently closed on the sale of our new office, a beautiful Historic home right off 30 in West Fort Worth! This was a dream come true for us. When LEAGUE began, we rented a great space at CoLab near downtown. We quickly outgrew that space and began looking for something that was more in line with our vision, which was to office out of a historic home. Our search led us to our current office, a beautiful historic home just off the bricks of Camp Bowie. The home was built in the 1890s and served as the original school house for the west side. We love this space and have shared many wonderful experiences here. However, the time came to find a place to call our own. The school house has been in the same family for years and they have no plans to sell, so we began looking for our new space.

Our particular search and criteria proved challenging. We wanted a historical home in a convenient location with enough space (and parking!) for our growing family. Turns out, this is not easy to come by! Jeff knew of a historic Bed & Breakfast through a family connection. Originally known as the Messer home, it was one of the first properties built in Arlington Heights in 1893. It’s beautiful and centrally located, with ample room and parking for our team. We began to drive by the home, dreaming of the “what ifs,” but it was not on the market. After a few months, we decided to reach out to the owners of the B&B to see if they were interested in selling it to us. Within a few hours we found ourselves meeting with them and touring the property! Within the week we were under contract!

We are a few months into renovations as we strive to return the home to it’s “old glory” while adding some much-needed updates! If all goes to plan, we will move in early 2022. We couldn’t be more thrilled to invest in a piece of history as well as see LEAGUE as a visible presence to drive-by traffic on I-30 coming and going from Fort Worth!

When asked where LEAGUE is going, Jeff Anderson shares the vision well. “We see our future looking a lot like the past: slow and steady growth, dedicated to being local, committed to this market, ultimately loving our agents, loving our clients, and being a league of people who come together under that common goal.”

Our move-in date will coincide with our 5 year anniversary as a company. We’ve grown from a small group of people to the largest (by sales volume), independent, locally-owned brokerage in Fort Worth! It’s both humbling and an honor to witness this growth and to deepen our roots as a company that is here for the long haul, threading deeper into the Fort Worth culture by remembering the past and helping build tomorrow’s future.

About LEAGUE Real Estate

LEAGUE Real Estate is a full-service brokerage in Fort Worth, Texas. We are a community of agents dedicated to meaningful service and creative media.