Working at LEAGUE Real Estate in Fort Worth, TX

At LEAGUE our goal is to equip service oriented agents with media driven skills to effectively list, market, and reach target markets in helping clients buy and sell real estate in Fort Worth. Our culture is built on innovative collaboration to empower agents to create and nurture long term relationships with customers, provide meaningful service and impact our community through our core values and distinctives.

Deriving from the origin of the word “league”, we are a collection of people, that combine for a particular purpose, typically mutual cooperation. League Real Estate is a community of agents collaborating together with the sole purpose to meaningfully serve our clients and community to the very best of our abilities.

If you’re a licensed agent and would like to learn more about a career at LEAGUE, please feel free to reach out to Jeff Anderson at


About LEAGUE Real Estate

LEAGUE Real Estate is a full-service brokerage in Fort Worth, Texas. We are a community of agents dedicated to meaningful service and creative media.