LEAGUE Real Estate

At LEAGUE, we strive to be a little bit different! How we conduct our business, how we approach growth…basically all we do is influenced by our distinctives. We attribute our momentum to the synergy generated by our commitment to these 10 distinct business practices.

With LEAGUE, you can expect:

Service. You’ve probably seen our hashtag: #ReadytoServe. That’s because we are all about serving our clients. Service permeates our mission. As one LEAGUE agent put it early on, “At LEAGUE, we put people first & the business second.”

Creative Media. We are committed to excellence in marketing & innovation in media. LEAGUE has never sought to reinvent the wheel, but we are committed to staying at the forefront of marketing through media. Remaining aware, relevant and cutting edge in all our marketing enables us to create effective, unique campaigns on each property.

Meaningful efforts. We strive to be intentional, professional & thoughtful. No pretense. We want our efforts to be rooted in what matters to YOU: honest, real, curated initiatives that accomplish your goals, maximize your investment and provide you with an easy, pleasant experience. We desire for ALL we do to feel unique, well done and personalized. We live by the platinum rule!

Competency. We expect every agent at LEAGUE to exude a high level of industry expertise. We know our market personally so we can best help you! Knowledgeable, experienced; always learning & equipping you with all you need for a successful experience. Mentorship, educational meetings, continuing education opportunities, a library of training videos and accessible support are all integral to our commitment to competency.

Integrity. Our name means something. We understand that trust is the byproduct of character. Across our company, we strive to build our reputation with shared values of: honesty, hard work, self-awareness, collaboration, humility, responsiveness, positivity, proactivity, steadiness, excellence and determination. We also strive to communicate and exude the grit to complete our job well!

Resourcefulness. Our inner network is a huge resource. We gather support, collaborate and share for upward momentum in residential and commercial real estate investing. In today’s market, we know this is a huge advantage for our clients. We are equipped to provide you with quick and accurate answers; to remain solution-focused for you!

Commitment. The name LEAGUE appealed in its inception as it connotes unity and alliance. We are committed to the needs of our agents and clients. We want LEAGUE to be a meaningful brand where there is a high level of trust, mutual respect and encouragement. Our fiduciary duty is our commitment.

Locally owned + Relevant. We are always looking to grow wisely and improve. Our marketing is targeted. We are grateful for our growth and want our footprint to be positive, meaningful & lasting. Anticipate contiguous, consistent, locally-focused growth from LEAGUE in the years ahead!

Prioritization. It is important to us that we stay intentional, balanced and healthy. We put faith, family and people first. As a result, we love and work better! Ours is an industry where your access to us is critical. Time is of the essence, so we strive to balance hard work while prioritizing family, friendships and our health. We value staying healthy personally: spiritually, physically, mentally and relationally.

Gratitude. Taking time to say “thank you”, “congrats” and “we’re proud” is huge at LEAGUE. Notes, gifts, prayers, community give-backs...operating out of a heart of gratitude and expressing such is highly valued in our work culture. We value fun, smiling, laughing, relaxing & lots of celebrating. We are grateful for the trust our clients put in each of us and every opportunity to serve our clients.