We take a fresh approach to the traditional real estate model by stepping deeper into media.

Mission Statement

Equipping service oriented agents with media driven marketing skills to effectively list, market, reach and sell real estate. Our culture is built on innovative collaboration to empower agents to create and nurture long term relationships with customers, provide meaningful service and impact our community through our core values and distinctives.


Deriving from the origin of the word “league”, we are a collection of people, that combine for a particular purpose, typically mutual cooperation. League Real Estate is a community of agents collaborating together with the sole purpose to meaningfully serve our clients and community to the very best of our abilities.

Core Values

LEAGUE Real Estate is dedicated to upholding our Core Values


Honor our fiduciary duties and seek to pursue integrity in moral & ethical decision making. Loyalty. Trust. Obedience. Disclosure. Confidentiality. Reasonable care and diligence. Accounting. Working patiently with the Golden Rule always in mind.


Culture of job satisfaction, community and teamwork. We seek to engage one another, collaborate, encourage one another, challenge one another, build long term relationships, support one another so that we exist as a work family.


This encompasses education, using caution & discernment and also being about real services that make a difference in others lives. Continuing education, experience, training, staying informed about our community and clients, marketing with relevance.

Empowered with Excellence

Broker supported so you can be successful.  Do all with excellence.


Innovative, media-driven, collaborative and forward thinking.

Fiscally responsible

For greater freedom to grow.

Why Choose League?

LEAGUE Real Estate brings meaningful service through our three distinctives:


It’s important to us that our culture is built upon innovation and collaboration. That we be at the forefront of our industry building trust, upholding our reputation and guiding our clients through a complex process. We empower our agents to create and build long term relationships with our customers.


League’s processes are designed to be proactively involved in agent success through forward thinking resources, collaborative working environments, and resource management. We are a paperless office providing real-time reporting. We impact the community in which we serve through meaningful service.

Marketing & Technology

We take a fresh approach to the traditional real estate model by stepping deeper into media. Every home is unique in it’s own way. That’s why we believe in creative, story-driven media that’s fun, cinematic, exciting, and beautiful. It inspires prospective buyers to see more than just a house, but rather to picture the home as their own! This is at the heart of what we do and how we serve our clients through creative media.

Marketing Services

These services are available when you partner with a LEAGUE Agent
  • Professional Photography

  • Professional Video Tour

  • Professional Aerial footage

  • Matterport 3-D Home Tour

  • Creative Lifestyle Video

  • Online advertising

  • Social Media advertising

  • Print advertising

  • Home Staging