Matt Lewis

Native to Texas, Matt grew up in the west Texas town of Midland. Initiated into real estate as a young boy, Matt accompanied his dad checking on rental properties before being taken out for ice cream on Saturdays. As LEAGUE’s broker and overall business director, Matt has a vast experience of entrepreneurial ventures & real estate experiences. Matt served as captain of his high school tennis team and student council treasurer foreshadowing his future leadership and fiscal competencies. Competitive too, Matt played rugby at Baylor including a national championship win in 2001.

Matt has been strongly influenced by family business dealings including his father and uncle who organized, operated, and assumed risk with an old school acumen that endeared people & initiated new business opportunities.

Work and Skills
Matt comes well vetted having started and sold several companies. Even while engaging in various businesses, real estate has remained his passion. Matt double majored in Real Estate and Finance from Baylor University in 2002. Almost immediately he had his real estate license and a few short years later, in 2005, Matt received his Broker’s license. As his father before him, he dove into purchasing investment property.

Matt managed a multi million dollar residential portfolio, multiple commercial properties & a 20+ nationwide student housing portfolio. In addition Matt has vast experience helping clients purchase investment property, helping equity funds in property acquisitions and listing transactions, as well as property management, commercial leasing & land acquisitions for energy companies. Matt also loves renovation and has worked on numerous investment properties in Fort Worth’s hospital district and surrounding areas contributing to community rehabilitation and restoration in significant historic areas of Fort Worth.

When Matt’s sister went potluck at Baylor, it never crossed her mind that her roommate might be her brother’s future spouse. Married in 2005, Jessica is the love of Matt’s life. They have 2 kids, one boy named James and a girl, Annalee. James loves anything with a ball or a scoreboard. Sparkles and pink paint are the way to Annalee’s heart. Matt and Jessica are active supporters of their kid’s school, Daggett Montessori, adjacent to where they live in historic Ryan Place where Jessica grew up and still has several family members residing close by. They are also active members at Life Church where Matt leads classes on fiscal responsibility & stewardship. Among Matt’s many affections include his Christian faith, his son’s baseball, daughter’s sketching, road trips, weightlifting, running, ice tea, bourbon, food “that is bad for me”, reading, & Possum Kingdom Lake. Why LEAGUE
So Matt, what’s your favorite thing about League?
“Pretty much it’s getting to work with Jeff and Luke. They’re amazing and if Jessica and I have more sons we will name them after them.” Why Matt
Matt is invaluable to LEAGUE Real Estate. Like a rudder or a sail, he directs the company’s core fiscal initiatives and guides the compliance end of the operation. Matt’s experience brokering real estate transactions provides agents with direction and guidance.