East Fort Worth

East Fort Worth

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About the Community

We could break East Fort Worth into the discovered and the undiscovered, the established and the newer, the loved and the waiting for love. But it all seems to enjoy the beauty and shade of some of the most gorgeous trees in the city.

Meadowbrook, Eastern Hills and Woodhaven are all neighborhoods that were largely established in the 50s with the ranch-style houses to prove it (though gems like Meadowbrook Drive offer pockets of history and gorgeous variety). Many are undergoing the turnover of young families buying and fixing up, seeking an affordable price tag, but the character of an older neighborhood still inside the Loop.

Then there’s the upscale Riverbend Estates and Waterchase developments that offer — between the two of them — a private lake, guarded community, acclaimed golf course and vacant lots still to be built upon. These two developments help give the east side luxury options that are still a secret to many.

White Lake Hills tops off the east side with one of the city’s most interesting neighborhoods. With a one-way-in/one-way-out design, a small lake, windy streets and intriguing hills, this neighborhood has been developed slowly over many years, providing a fascinating variety of homes.

Between the growing Gateway Park, an abundance of parks and golf courses and Tandy Hills Nature Preserve — together with up-and-coming local businesses to satisfy coffee cravings, creativity and culture — East Fort Worth is ripe for a rebirth. 

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