Andrew Harris

Andrew Harris, originally from San Antonio, found his way to TCU in Fort Worth, where he graduated with a Kinesiology degree in 2013. It was a leap of faith for him to choose TCU, having arrived in an unfamiliar city without knowing anyone, but it quickly became a decision he never regretted. The vibrant community of Mistletoe Heights has been his family’s home since 2016, and during this time, he has been wholeheartedly engaged in the children’s ministry at Riverpoint Church. As a newcomer to the real estate industry, Andrew’s decision to venture into this field is rooted in his passion for serving others. He aims to guide individuals through the life-changing journey of buying or selling a home, offering unwavering support and partnership to his clients.

Work & Skills
With a background rooted in technology support, and most recently, technology consulting and business development, Andrew Harris brings a wealth of experience to his new role in real estate. His career journey has equipped him with the invaluable skills of collaboration and leadership in helping clients navigate challenges and achieve their goals.

His primary objective is to be a connector, with a steadfast commitment to helping individuals as they undertake significant life changes. Real estate is not just a profession for Andrew; it’s a source of immense energy and fulfillment, particularly when he can empower people to execute on their goals. His deep desire to invest time in building relationships with his clients is driven by the belief that trust forms the foundation of a fruitful partnership.

Andrew’s priorities extend beyond his professional pursuits. An ardent reader, he immerses himself in a diverse range of literature, particularly finding intrigue in thrillers. His passion for golf runs deep, where he thrives on the blend of love and challenge that the sport offers. However, it’s the moments spent with his amazing wife, Alex, and their son, Knox, that truly bring him immeasurable joy each day.

Andrew’s dedication to making a positive impact goes beyond his personal interests. He actively engages in the children’s ministry at Riverpoint Church, where he connects with elementary-aged children. Additionally, he devotes his time to serving with Academy 4 at Manuel Jara Elementary, where he leads the Home Depot Spark club for 4th graders. His multifaceted approach to life reflects his unwavering commitment to personal growth, family, community, and the values rooted in his deep faith.

“LEAGUE’s mission to serve fits perfectly with what I feel is my purpose in life as well as real estate. If you serve people well and put their needs and goals first, all else will fall into place and yield good fruit. Joining LEAGUE was a no-brainer for me because the culture that’s been built compliments and encourages me to lead and serve well. I’m grateful to be here!”

Why Andrew?
For Andrew, the ultimate goal in real estate is to serve people effectively and create a relationship that is not only fruitful but also enduring. His approach to real estate, marked by his dedication to clients and the priority he places on building meaningful relationships, aligns seamlessly with LEAGUE’s core values. We are proud to have Andrew as a valued member of our team, where his personal purpose resonates with our collective vision of providing exceptional service to our clients.

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