Things to Do in Fort Worth in December 2023

Experience the magic of December in Fort Worth with a variety of festive events. From The Shops at Clearfork’s Holiday Market to the Christmas in the Stockyards celebration, there’s something for everyone. Enjoy classic holiday films under the stars at Rooftop Cinema Club and reminisce by watching The Nutcracker at Bass Performance Hall. Capture special…

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Celebrating Savings for Homeowners: Texas’ $12.7 Billion Property Tax Relief! Celebrating Savings for Homeowners: Texas’ $12.7 Billion Property Tax Relief! They used to say the only things that are certain are death and taxes, but maybe now’s the time to cheat death because, at least in Texas, the housing taxes are making a change in the right direction. That’s right, the Texas legislature recently…

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October 2023 Housing Report

In October 2023, Fort Worth's housing market experienced a continued shift, painting a nuanced picture for prospective homebuyers and sellers. Let's delve into the key indicators that defined the real estate landscape during this month. The median price of a home in Fort Worth saw a decline, settling at $330,000. This marked a 2.9% decrease…Read More

Things to Do in Fort Worth in November 2023

November in Fort Worth is filled with fun events and holiday activities that you don’t want to miss! From the anticipated annual film festival to community lantern lighting, ice skating in the Stockyards, and glowing light displays, Fort Worth has something for everyone this November. Whether you’re a film buff, a family looking for festive…

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Why Choose LEAGUE to Sell Your Home?

You’re ready. You’ve spent weeks, months, maybe years planning to sell your home. Whether you need to upsize, downsize, move out of state, or simply want a change of scene, selling your home is no small matter. You made a large financial investment when you bought this house and you’d love to see that investment…

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September 2023 Housing Report

The September 2023 Housing Report for Fort Worth and Tarrant County presents a blend of positive and challenging aspects of the real estate market. While the median home price has seen a 1.6 percent year-over-year decrease, this dip actually signifies a stable pricing environment, offering assurance to both buyers and sellers. Stability in pricing means…Read More

Ten Fall Home Maintenance Tips for Texas Homeowners

Happy fall, y’all! As the scorching summer sun begins to relent and temperatures gradually dip, the arrival of fall in Texas is met with a collective sigh of relief. Texans eagerly welcome the change of season, embracing the promise of milder, more comfortable weather. The transformation of the landscape, with leaves adorned in warm, vibrant…

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Things to Do in Fort Worth in October

Fort Worth, Texas

Happy fall, y’all! October is rolling in, and Fort Worth has lined up some seriously cool events for you to enjoy all month long. Whether you call Cowtown home or you’re just swinging by for a visit, you’re in for a treat. From family-friendly Halloween festivities to celebrating local arts and indulging in mouthwatering tacos,…

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August 2023 Housing Report

The August housing report for Fort Worth brings with it a mix of challenges and opportunities for potential homebuyers and sellers. While it's true that there are hurdles to overcome, such as rising mortgage rates and decreased closed sales, it's important to focus on the positive aspects of the current market. One of the standout…Read More

Staging a House to Sell

Home Staging
Buying and selling a home is potentially one of the largest investments we can make, and it can be very costly! When we plan to sell our home, we’re often looking to pinch pennies wherever we can. Should we give the walls a fresh coat of paint? Should we fix that large crack in the…Read More

Things to Do in Fort Worth in September 2023

The summer may be nearly over, but Fort Worth is still alive with a vibrant array of activities and events that cater to just about everyone. From cultural celebrations to outdoor adventures, September in Fort Worth has some great options for memory making. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor, here are some exciting…

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July 2023 Housing Report

The Fort Worth housing market in July 2023 reflects a number of positive developments that signal opportunities for both buyers and sellers. Notably, the median home price has seen a 7.2 percent reduction from July 2022, now at $329,450. This price adjustment, coupled with relatively stable mortgage rates, has created a favorable entry point for…Read More

The Top Fort Worth Area Lakes for Your Dream Home

The summer heat has us dreaming about lake life. Having a home on or near the lake means hours of water sports, lakeside lounging, swimming, and fishing! But if you plan to build or buy near the water, it can be challenging to figure out just which lake to choose. Did you know that DFW…

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