Caroline Revard

As a kid, when Caroline’s dad would ask her siblings who wanted to pop into an open house on a Sunday, she was always the one up for tagging along. Caroline grew up in Dallas where she lived and went to school. After marrying her husband, Duke, vocational and ministerial endeavors brought them to Portland, then Northern California and eventually back to North Texas where they settled into the Fort Worth side of the metroplex (currently building in the new Walsh Ranch development — which provides her clients interested in Walsh a valuable source for information!)

Work and Skills
Caroline’s childhood activities of gathering flyers, evaluating properties and cross-referencing the specs with her father, blossomed into an important skill that has served her well over the years in their personal endeavors of home purchasing, remodeling, building and reselling. Caroline operates with a strong internal drive, exudes an incredibly warm heart for who she is with and also a boldness which makes her adept at pushing forward for her client’s goals.

Caroline embodies a deep faith which guides her and reassures those who surround her. Her husband, Duke, is her rock and they delight in their 3 girls. Caroline values people deeply and loves making new friends. A former winemaker, Caroline can hang in intelligent discussion over this sophisticated, delicate process. When not working selling real estate or as a mom, Caroline’s sweet spot would be sitting around a fireplace surrounded by friends and family, possibly some guitars, discussing things of depth and going deeper with friends. Caroline also enjoys her some bocce ball!

When asked about Fort Worth Caroline expressed, “I love how Fort Worth has so many different styles, feels, options and is surrounded by such beautiful scenery. It has the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The people are very kind, hospitable and innovative.” A significant compliment from someone who’s experienced so much of the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

“LEAGUE was intriguing to me because of their vision, how they desire to treat people by living by the golden rule. I love the innovative technology they offer and their collaborative efforts. They are a vibrant group of leaders that set out to make Real Estate a good experience for all involved.”

Why Caroline
Caroline resonated with LEAGUE’s process for implementing creative media and we immediately recognized her heartbeat for meaningful service. Innately curious and passionate, Caroline offers her clients a dedicated guide that’s willing to dive into their experience fully. Caroline’s warm charisma provides a comfort and steadiness to the buying or selling process as she provides perspective and helps navigate this incredibly significant process for her clients. Caroline offers her clients a broad range of expertise (in both residential real estate as well as commercial) given her history in Dallas and services clients across the metroplex with a familiarity that few agents possess. We’re honored to have Caroline as a part of our team!

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