Sarah Webb


Sarah has been with LEAGUE since it’s beginning. After a long career in Wealth Management, Sarah came on staff as the Director of Development. After personally buying and selling homes and investment properties, she knew this was something she had a passion and a gift for. Even before Real Estate, Sarah’s role always consisted of nurturing relationships. “Building relationships has always been what I treasured most in my career. Being able to combine that along with the real estate process really is the best of both worlds. I love seeing the process unfold from beginning to end.”

Work & Skills
Real estate is a natural fit for Sarah and plays to all of her strengths. Her experience in Wealth Management, investing, remodeling, and running a thriving business all contribute to her success. In her time with LEAGUE, Sarah grew even more familiar with all the details (big and small) that go into a transaction. In addition to being incredibly organized and hard working, Sarah is a visionary. She has an eye for detail, creating the most beautiful spaces and positioning homes in their very best light.

As a wife and mother to two sons, family is Sarah’s number one. Her happy place is fishing out on the lake or working on their property in Granbury. Sarah and her husband, Landon, have fallen in love with country living. Even though they own a business, work and run an AirBNB in Fort Worth, they’ve chosen to commute for over 18 years. However, that hasn’t stopped them from keeping date night a priority! “I LOVE date night with my hubby so much so that we rarely go more than a week or two without one. Favorite date…home in an empty house with pizza and a bottle of wine!”

“Having been with LEAGUE since the beginning, I feel like I can say honestly without hesitation that there is no other place I would rather be. What LEAGUE stands for rings true daily. Leadership, staff and agents alike…we are all each other’s biggest fans. And that really is the truth! I am so thankful to work alongside people that I refer to as my dear friends rather than colleagues. League is the real deal and I am so very thankful to be a part of it!”

Why Sarah?
In addition to her bountiful knowledge, experience and work ethic, Sarah is personable, genuinely kind and a joy to work with! She has a gift for making others feel known and meeting people where they are, knowing that each client is coming from a unique place or stage in life. Her clients feel heard, loved and cared for, trusting that Sarah has their best interest at heart. She is skilled at making the process run smoothly while keeping it light and fun!