The Story Behind LEAGUE

Meet Matt, Jeff and Luke. Best friends, business partners, family men, leaders, and some of the most down-to-earth and hard working guys you will ever meet. These three make an incredible team, each bringing unique strengths to the business. They are often asked how LEAGUE came to be, so we’ve put together a short blog to share their origin story.

Luke Syres met Jeff Anderson shortly after moving to Texas in 2011. They both worked for a fairly large independent real estate brokerage. They quickly formed a friendship and soon began dreaming about a different kind of company. They had many conversations about breaking out and starting their own business, but they struggled to sort out all the logistics.

Enter Matt Lewis. Matt and Jeff were former neighbors, and he and Luke had become friends through the relationship of their wives and kids. One evening over dinner, Matt shared with Luke that he had recently sold a company and was looking for something else to do. Matt had been involved in Real Estate and had his Brokers license. A conversation began about the idea of starting a real estate company, sparking Matt’s interest. The following day, they continued the conversation over lunch, then set up a meeting with Jeff the very next day!

“I’ll never forget that lunch,” says Syres. “Matt laid it out so perfectly, and it felt like the start of something really cool.” As they left Central Market, Jeff looked over at Luke and said, “This is going to sound cheesy, but he completes us!” The three of them continued to meet, discussing their hopes, ideas, and goals. They met with interested realtors, and in January of 2017, LEAGUE was launched!

The term league means “a collection of people who gather together for a specific purpose.” Our overall purpose is to meaningfully serve our clients and community to the very best of our abilities. Our core values include integrity, intentionality, cooperation, excellence, and fiscal responsibility. LEAGUE has attracted the most incredible team of agents who share these same values. These men lead by example, serving their agents well by providing a constant source of encouragement, knowledge, creativity, and problem-solving.

Together we have kept up a strong momentum, continuing to support and serve our clients through creative media and meaningful service. Our culture is built on innovative collaboration to empower agents to create and nurture long term relationships with customers and impact our community through our core values and distinctives. Our goal is to provide the most meaningful real estate experience by going above and beyond for our clients. We’re here for you and #ReadyToServe.

About LEAGUE Real Estate

LEAGUE Real Estate is a full-service brokerage in Fort Worth, Texas. We are a community of agents dedicated to meaningful service and creative media.