Why Choose LEAGUE to Sell Your Home?

Fort Worth, Texas

You’re ready. You’ve spent weeks, months, maybe years planning to sell your home. Whether you need to upsize, downsize, move out of state, or simply want a change of scene, selling your home is no small matter. You made a large financial investment when you bought this house and you’d love to see that investment pay off.

So what do you do? There are plenty of options out there, but let’s play a game of “choose your own adventure” and find out where your choices may lead.

1. Should you hire a listing agent?

  • No, you’d prefer to go it alone. You could choose to list your home yourself. Some people feel that if there is a high demand for houses in Fort Worth then they can sell their own home quickly and avoid paying fees to a realtor or brokerage by listing their home themselves. Does this work? Sure. Plenty of people end up selling their homes “by owner.” The problems arise when this process takes far more time than you initially imagined, and you find yourself negotiating with the buyer’s agent without an advocate in your corner. It can be done, for sure. But sellers who list houses on their own often leave thousands of dollars on the table. Hiring an agent may save you a ton of work and a good bit of money in the long run.
  • Yes, you want a professional working on your behalf. A Real Estate agent is your full-time advocate in this fast-paced housing market. Having an expert in your corner can help you set the right listing price that will make sure your house is appealing and competitive while getting you a much better sale price than you are likely to get on your own. And, a strong listing agent will also help you present your house in the best possible light through expert marketing, experienced advice on recommended improvements from curb appeal to systems updates, and will be a strong negotiator on your behalf when it comes to the many decisions that make up the final sales contract.

Let’s assume you choose B above, and you now have the challenge of deciding who you will choose to list your house. There are plenty of wonderful agents in Fort Worth and the surrounding area.

2. How should you choose an agent?

  • You choose a person your friend said is “super cool.” Referrals from trusted friends are great. We firmly believe you should ask your friends and neighbors for their personal experience with professionals of any kind. However, it’s still a good idea to vet several agents before choosing one to list your home. Be sure that the agent you hire is knowledgeable about the market, the area, and is a person you trust with this important job.
  • You hunt down the best agent to list your home. Did you know you can and should interview real estate agents? After all, he or she will be working with you on a very important investment. You should know who you’re working with. Call a few agents you might be interested in and ask them to have a listing appointment with you. This will be an initial meeting where they will come see your property and offer their suggestions while telling you about their process and approach.A strong agent should come prepared with data about the area and pricing. But feel free to ask: (a) Do they live in the area? (b) Have they sold many houses in the area? and (c) What is their plan / strategy for listing this home? If you’re satisfied with their answers and they seem like a good match, they’ll likely offer you a listing agreement that says they are working for you on the sale of your house.

Ok, if you chose B for both of the previous questions, you may be able to guess at which answer we think is best for the next question. But you never know. We may throw you a curveball.

3. Should you consider hiring an agent from LEAGUE?

  • No, you’ll pass. Maybe you already have a great relationship with a real estate agent you trust. Wonderful. We truly want whatever is best for you. However, we hope you’ll at least read answer B and find out what makes LEAGUE special. No hard feelings either way.
  • Yes! You’ve heard great things. Among LEAGUE’s core values are three things we think you should know about. First, our agents are deeply committed to INTEGRITY. That means they are people of character who are honest and upright, who take their work very seriously, and are looking out for the best interests of their clients. Second, as a brokerage and as individuals, we share a commitment to EXCELLENCE. We do not do things halfway. Our agents are knowledgeable, experienced, and professional, always learning and expanding their skill sets. And at LEAGUE, we uphold a commitment to the best in MARKETING.We have pulled out all the stops to present your home in the best possible light to buyers both in the area and all over the nation. With drone footage, 3D home tours, cinematic videos, home staging, social media platforms, and a completely individualized marketing strategy available to each seller, we will be sure your home is seen by as many potential buyers as possible. If these things don’t convince you, we will simply add that our realtors are truly wonderful humans. They live here, they know the ins and outs of the DFW housing market, they are calm and confident, they love their neighbors and they are always #readytoserve their communities.

You have plenty of choices when it’s time to selling your home. It can be a little overwhelming. We hope that walking through these questions has helped provide you with a little clarity and helped you narrow down your choices. But if you have more questions or if you’re ready to get the ball rolling to sell your home, give us a call. We would be delighted to serve you. 

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