Fort Worth Property Management


Hi my name is Zach Overturf and I am a Realtor and the property manager here at LEAGUE Real Estate.

There’s a great opportunity here in Fort Worth to serve property management clients different… and we’re here to provide the most meaningful client experience by taking the headaches out of property management, so you can enjoy being an owner and not a landlord.

It’s our focus to serve our property owners through excellent, open communication so they know their investments are very well taken care of.

We’re personable and super easy to communicate with, letting you rest assured we’re there when any tenant or owner needs arise.

Our property management division (backed by the LEAGUE Real Estate brand) is set apart by our online presence and creative marketing strategies designed to target and reach the right audience.

We offer competitive fees, an extensive application process to ensure quality tenants and a state of the art property management software platform that provides constant financial awareness of your property. We’re dedicated to serving our clients using the best tools available to real estate professionals.

Backed by twenty-plus years in residential property management business, LEAGUE Property Management is proud to serve Fort Worth. You can learn more HERE or please feel free to reach out by phone or text at 817-631-3233 or email

About Zach Overturf

Zach Overturf is a licensed REALTOR® and Property Manager serving the Fort Worth, Texas area. Learn More about Zach Overturf