Danae Owens

Danae Owens, a Fort Worth native, began her journey at Castleberry High School and later earned a Social Work degree from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1995. Married to her high school sweetheart for over 30 years, they share two children and are eagerly anticipating their third grandchild. Danae’s career spans roles as an Elementary school Social Worker, pre-k teacher, and a globetrotting homeschooling mom. With over 20 years in Real Estate alongside her mother-in-law, she decided to obtain her license in 2018, bringing a wealth of experience to the clients she has the privilege to serve.

Work & Skills
Danae seamlessly integrates a diverse skill set cultivated over years of experience into her role as a real estate agent. Renowned for her negotiation skills and results-driven approach, she thrives on meeting deadlines with unmatched efficiency. Energetic, competitive, and exceptionally relational, Danae builds strong connections with clients, ensuring a personalized and seamless real estate experience. Drawing from her background in social work, she excels in investigation and research, earning families’ trust while maintaining absolute confidentiality. Her innate ability to connect people with resources and provide support is a testament to her commitment to client well-being, making Danae a trusted partner in guiding individuals and families through their real estate journeys.

Beyond her vibrant real estate career, Danae prioritizes life’s essential joys. At the core is her faith, which extends seamlessly into both her professional and personal life. She has a passion for travel, especially when shared with cherished family and friends. Whether flowing through yoga poses or navigating outdoor adventures via hiking or paddleboarding, she embraces the simple pleasures. Above all, Danae values the relationships in her life, aiming to create meaningful connections with all she meets.

“From day one with LEAGUE, I felt a sense of belonging, instantly becoming a part of a team that resonates with my team-player spirit—it felt like home. The appreciation and care I experienced from the start solidified my decision, making LEAGUE not just a workplace but a genuine community where I can thrive and contribute wholeheartedly.”

Why Danae?
Choosing to work with Danae is an investment in a real estate journey characterized by dedication, warmth, and expertise. With a deep-rooted commitment to the Fort Worth community, Danae’s vibrant personality creates a unique and personalized experience for every client. Her wealth of experience, both in real estate and as a seasoned social worker, enables her to navigate the intricacies of transactions with precision and compassion. At LEAGUE, we are proud to have Danae as a part of our team, where her genuine care, exceptional professionalism, and commitment to fostering meaningful connections make her #ReadyToServe.

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