Karen Mendez

Proud of her roots and her hometown, Karen easily gets excited talking about life in north Texas. Karen grew up in Arlington where she played soccer and excelled in her education. Karen graduated from Southwest Christian School before attending Dallas Baptist University. Even now as she balances her professional work as a pharmacy tech and her real estate work, she remains very close with her family where she also helps out with her family’s commercial / residential fencing company.

Work and Skills
As evidenced by her work in the pharmacy, Karen is meticulous and detailed. Bright, careful and administrative, Karen excels in making sure negotiations and contracts are crafted with excellence. Fluent in Spanish, Karen is an excellent bilingual communicator. Self-aware, Karen would also be the first to admit she always has her cell phone at her side. Despite her many capabilities, she’s down to earth and very approachable!

Faith, family, work, travel, food,…just to name a few! Faith is important to Karen and she attends Highridge Church in Benbrook. Karen loves to travel including backpacking thru Europe. Her heart for adventure and culture also extends to cuisine and diversity in her relationships. “I enjoy meeting people from different backgrounds and love hearing their unique stories.” Karen can also be found at fun locally owned restaurants enjoying time with friends or out taking her dogs on walks.

So Karen, what’s your favorite thing about LEAGUE?
“After working for a couple of large corporate companies over the years, the goal is all about numbers and meeting “quotas”. It sometimes cultivates a cold and heartless atmosphere. I was looking for a place that focuses on community and building relationships. I wanted to be part of a team that truly wants to help people and each other succeed. After meeting the leaders of LEAGUE and seeing how passionate they were about their company, I knew this was a team I couldn’t wait to be a part of.”

Why Karen?
Karen is a breath of fresh air…delightful, positive, kind, genuine, caring. Karen is an adept listener and strong multi-tasker. Full of heart Karen mentioned, “Helping people is my main passion. Becoming a REALTOR® is another way of helping people find their dream home or business owners finding their ideal workplace to grow their business.”

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