Lisa Logan

After successful careers in public relations, corporate communications and journalism, Lisa was ready for a new challenge. This was when a dear friend, an agent in Southlake, Texas, began to point out all of the reasons why Lisa should consider real estate. Lisa had always loved art and architecture, she subscribed to numerous home design magazines, visited open houses in whatever city she found herself in just out of curiosity, and held a commitment to serving people. The persuasive speech worked and Lisa soon found herself a licensed agent working first for a boutique brokerage and then a large global brokerage.

Work & Skills
Growing up in the farm and ranch culture of South Texas blended with experience in corporate communications and public relations give Lisa the perfect balance of laid-back ease and tenacious work ethic. The common thread in her past work and what makes her happiest is serving others. She makes her work look easy. A former client once said of her, “Lisa makes the complicated process of buying and selling such a painless experience, it’s easy to overlook the high degree of real estate savvy and professionalism that she brings to the process.” On top of this, Lisa’s experience managing communications for large corporations such as Pier 1 and The Bombay Company have given her a wealth of skill in negotiating and communicating effectively, something she finds to be an incredible asset in the real estate industry.

Next to her four boys and her husband, Lisa is committed to her work, her friends, and her faith. With a great love for art and music, she enjoys visiting museums with her husband and going to concerts with her grown sons. In fact, her love for art, music, and culture saturates all areas of her life. When she has the time, you can find Lisa soaking up art at a museum, flipping through design magazines, laughing with her good friends over dinner, or relaxing to the sound of classical music coming from the Sonos at home. Passionate about her faith, Lisa is one of the readers at Sunday Mass for St. Mary of the Assumption and volunteers there whenever she can.

“I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something really special going on at LEAGUE. It’s a feeling…maybe it comes from the character, integrity, innovation, service and fun of this team. The focus is squarely on people, not transactions. Seems like there’s a ‘special sauce’ here that I’m so excited to be a part of.”

Why Lisa?
There are simply too many fun and interesting things to say about Lisa. If you get to have a conversation with her, ask her about meeting celebrities at the Grammy’s or challenge her to speak to you in Spanish which was the focus of her undergraduate degree. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone with a greater commitment to service, professionalism, and knowledge. A perfect fit for our LEAGUE community, Lisa is tireless in the way she pursues excellence and meets the needs of her clients.