Stevie Pendergrass

Stevie had a nomadic upbringing as her father served in the military, causing the family to move around the US until middle school. She settled in El Paso for her school years and then pursued a bachelor’s degree at New Mexico State University. In 2011, Stevie and her husband began their real estate journey while also starting a family, welcoming three children by 2016. Stevie supported her husband’s real estate ventures behind the scenes while he worked a full-time job, and in 2019, she decided to join him by obtaining her own real estate license.

Work & Skills
Before starting her career in real estate, Stevie owned an event planning company in El Paso. This experience allowed her to develop expertise in marketing, exceptional customer service, and efficient time management. Stevie’s knack for detail-oriented work and her ability to thrive under pressure became evident during this time. She also began investing in real estate and learning the ropes of property management. She attributes her strong multitasking skills to her role as a mom and credits her event planning background for equipping her with the skills needed to handle unexpected challenges effectively. Stevie’s entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with her diverse skill set and experience as an investor, has given her a unique perspective on how to approach real estate. She is also a licensed REALTOR® in Florida and manages a short term rental on 30A.

Stevie’s priorities are deeply rooted in her faith and family. Beyond these pillars, she wholeheartedly embraces the philosophy of “living her best life” – whether it’s traveling to new destinations, trying new cuisines, or embracing another new adventure. In her free time, she also enjoys playing tennis and volunteering at her kids’ school. And when it comes to ultimate joy, there’s no competing with her deep love for the ocean and sea life – her happiest moments are spent on the beach.

“LEAGUE is such a collaborative, inclusive, fun place to be. The marketing and branding is incredible and the beautiful office building doesn’t hurt! It feels like a family to me.”

Why Stevie?
Clients often compare working with Stevie to collaborating with a trusted friend. Her genuine concern for their well-being shines through, and she effortlessly combines professionalism with a fun approach, making real estate transactions stress-free and memorable. With Stevie, clients get both a skilled agent and a dedicated friend who goes the extra mile. Her commitment to forging meaningful connections aligns perfectly with LEAGUE’s mission, and we’re thrilled to have her on our team!