Home Safety – Best Offense is a Good Defense

Fort Worth Home Security
Since the dawn of humanity, mankind has been watching over hearth and home. In the night, men would rotate the watch; keeping a watchful eye out for predators and fires. Safety and security are universal human desires; but everyone of us have a different definition of what safety means; we all form our own meaning…Read More

Holly Jolly in Fort Worth

Sundance Square Fort Worth Christmas
The lights are glowing, and the magic is palpable in the air. All across the city, people are remembering the shimmer of Christmas traditions of a childhood past. Whether you celebrate with family, or with a group of friends that’s become like family, this is a time for gathering with the ones you love the…Read More

Improving to Sell: Making Your Money Work Smarter Not Harder

Kitchen Remodel Fort Worth
People say it all the time. “Your home is an investment”. I agree… to an extent. Yes, your home is an appreciating asset that may pay off in the future when you decide it’s time to sell. But while you are actually living there, it only costs you money. Mortgage, taxes, insurance, maintenance… those things…Read More

4 Fort Worth Neighborhoods No One is Talking About

Oakhurst Fort Worth
There is no point denying it. The Dallas- Fort Worth Metropolitan Area is *the* place to live and work! Natives to the area have always known this to be true, but the rest of the nation has caught wise to the tune of a 2.2% population increase from 2017 - 2018. With so many families…Read More

Oakhurst: “Where Everything Grows”

Tyler Eidson Oakhurst Realtor
“But, regardless of the price of property, there is no place where the city man can enjoy more country-suburban advantages than in OAKHURST.” - Year 1924 - excerpt from Oakhurst Founder John P. King’s Buyers Brochure In 1924, prominent businessman John P. King began development on the 175-acre neighborhood project located just 2.8 miles northeast…Read More