Adrianne Pierce

Before entering real estate, Adrianne worked for a large property management company for 12 years. She really enjoyed the process of helping others find their perfect home. More than that, she enjoyed building relationships with so many different people and being part of a meaningful moment in their lives. Adrianne has always had a love for looking at homes – the different styles and designs. She also has a great appreciation for what a home represents: a place for people to come together and build memories. When it was time to begin a new chapter, she decided to look into real estate and found that it was a great combination of her love for homes and for helping others!

Work & Skills
Adrianne graduated from UT Arlington with a BBA in Management. Her years of property management experience and knowledge about the market prepared her well for a career in real estate. Her time in the customer service driven industry grew her ability to really listen to the wants and needs of her customers, building and earning their trust. During her first couple of years in real estate, Adrianne was mentored by her sister who had been a REALTOR® for 11 years. She worked closely with her on every transaction, learning contract negotiations, the importance of effectively communicating with all parties involved, and first-hand experience with the many different curveballs that can come up during a transaction.

Adrianne’s other full-time job is raising her two little ones, Bauer and Saylor, along with her husband, Michael. “We get to watch them be these beautiful, carefree little humans exploring each day with new excitement,” she says. They also love the Dallas Stars. Michael played hockey growing up, so naturally she became a fan as well. They share a love for music and enjoy going to live concerts, local shows and festivals. Over the last couple of years she’s grown to love cooking and trying out new recipes.

Adrianne grew up in the DFW area and developed a fondness for Fort Worth. “Fort Worth just had this certain vibe about it that I was really attracted to. It’s a place where friends and family can all come together and always find something fun to do, day or night.”

Adrianne had been praying and searching for an opportunity to further her real estate career. When she found LEAGUE, she was drawn to their hashtag, #readytoserve, and decided to check them out. “When I sat down with Matt Lewis for the first time, a sense of peace and knowing came over me that LEAGUE is exactly what I had been searching for. I wanted to be a part of this community.”

Why Adrianne?
Adrianne continually demonstrates a genuine desire to help people. Her kindness, honest transparency, and sense of humor help to put her clients at ease. Knowing that she has only their best interest at heart makes the experience much more pleasant! “If I can help someone buy or sell their home, help them start a nest egg with an investment property, or just simply share my knowledge with them, that’s what motivates me to work harder so that I can be a better REALTOR® for them. Helping others is what brings me joy!”

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