Anna Kate Barr

Anna came to Texas from the charming southern town of Savannah, Georgia. From an early age, she developed a love of learning and teaching. After earning her degree at the University of South Carolina, she began her career as an elementary school teacher. Anna had a passion for teaching younger children, especially kindergarten! “I enjoyed seeing kids grow and learn, as well as working with their parents.” During those 7 years, Anna and her husband, Austin, began investing in various properties. She found the process both fun and challenging. She enjoyed it so much that she decided to begin a new chapter and pursue real estate full time.

Work & Skills
Anna often refers to herself as an “organizer of chaos,” which is why she was so good at teaching young children! Her goal is to put systems in place in areas that may seem complex or challenging, creating organization and turning a potentially stressful process into an enjoyable and positive experience. After 7 years in early childhood education, Anna is confident that she can bring clarity to clients every step of the way through the buying or selling process. She also loves to learn and is dedicated to continually educating herself on the ever-changing market and the best ways to serve her clients.

Aside from learning, Anna loves cooking, reading, yoga and travel. She has recently taken up tennis at River Crest Country Club and enjoys a good bike ride on the Trinity Trails. She and Austin serve together with Catholic Charities of Fort Worth- “a great organization that does tremendous work in our community!” They attend St. Andrew’s Catholic Church and are involved with West Point Society of North Texas where they connect with other veteran families. Anna is also active in the Junior Women’s Club of Fort Worth.

“LEAGUE has a different feel as soon as you walk in the door. The people are professional and kind, and they love what they do. They are the people I would call if I was a client, and I am lucky to be a part of this amazing team.”

Why Anna?
At her core, Anna has a genuine love and care for others. In addition to her know-how and organizational skills, she brings that “personal touch” that creates a friendship and builds trust. “I want to know how the job is going, how the kids are doing, their joys and their challenges. As a realtor, I’m not interested in selling something just because it’s available. I’m interested in finding the place that makes my clients’ happy. To me, that’s the best part!”

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