Where the West Begins: An Introduction to Aledo


If you’re new to DFW you may be wondering “Aledo? Where is Aledo?” And, even if you’ve been here forever, you may lump all of Aledo together with whatever else lies to the mysterious west of Fort Worth. But, those who live there will tell you it’s an absolutely wonderful place to live and offers a wide array of choices when it comes to housing. We spoke with some of our agents who are proud Aledo residents and asked them to tell us a little more about the neighborhoods of Aledo. Here’s what we learned...

Just west of the 820 loop lies one of Fort Worth’s favorite neighbors: Aledo. This beloved town was born when the Texas and Pacific Railroad was built between Fort Worth and Weatherford in 1879. Today Aledo remains a small town with only 4,232 residents (as of 2017) and is much sought after for its community spirit, its excellent schools, and its peaceful, rural setting.

Lori Beal - Fort Worth

Lori Beal


 “25 years ago, my then-boyfriend (now-husband) brought me 'home' to meet his Mom and as we pulled off of the interstate and I first caught a glimpse of the valley below, the ‘Welcome to Bearcat Country’ sign nestled among a field of wildflowers, and ranch land as far as the eye could see, I knew this was where I wanted to live. There are many more rooftops today than there were then, but the heart of the people who call Aledo home hasn't changed. It's a community that lives with intention and who never fail to rally for their neighbors in times of need. In terms of real estate, there is something for everyone here. Whether you're in the market for a home on a tidy lot with sidewalks, street lamps and neighborhood parks, or a working ranch, or something in between - you can find it in Aledo.


The Lay of the Land

It can be a little tricky to adequately describe a region. Think of where you grew up, the names of the neighborhoods, the hidden gems, the local nicknames for certain streets or blocks. It’s impossible to capture the entirety of a place with any kind of brevity. But, to best describe the region known as Aledo, it’s best to divide it up. Like any special place there are areas and neighborhoods with different qualities and characteristics. The only way to get a feel for a place is to explore. Let’s start with the simple divide: north and south of I-20. 

North of I-20: 

Although technically Aledo proper lies entirely south of the interstate, you’ll find there are many neighborhoods informally considered part of Aledo simply by virtue of proximity and perhaps most importantly, being a part of the acclaimed Aledo ISD. North of I-20 there are several neighborhoods that fall into this category, but one in particular has been catching the eye of many looking for newer homes, green space, and some great amenities.

Exciting New Neighborhood: Walsh

Once a private ranch owned by the Walsh family, this expansive development was carefully planned to embrace nature, support health and community, and foster excellence in technology and education. Comprised of 7200 acres with 2300 acres of greenspace, at Walsh it’s easy to find housing options that will meet any needs. All new or nearly-new builds, it’s possible to customize a home from the ground up or purchase one already completed. There are several builders working in the area with homes to suit various budgets and various tastes, from craftsman to mediteranean. (Although 75% of Walsh is in Aledo ISD, it’s worth noting that 25% falls within Fort Worth ISD)

South of I-20: 1187, E Bankhead Highway and Bailey Ranch Road.

The “main street” of Aledo is most likely Farm to Market Road 1187. A drive south on this street will lead you past E Bankhead Highway and Bailey Ranch Road, either of which will bring you to an important part of the Aledo community: Aledo High School. If you enjoy soaking in the spirit of a small Texas town, you will find plenty under the Friday night lights at Bearcat Stadium, where much of the town gathers to watch this highly-competitive team battle opponents on the field. On E Bankhead you will also find some local businesses and a few more established neighborhoods such as Willow Park.


Hottest Neighborhood: Parks of Aledo

If you proceed down Bailey Ranch Road you’ll pass the popular Aledo neighborhoods of The Parks of Aledo consisting of its original phase plus Westview and Point Vista. This community could be called the Trails of Aledo with its extensive trail system. It offers an impressive 80 acres of natural spaces.



This popular Aledo neighborhood lies directly across the street from Aledo High School. The neighborhood prides itself on its commitment to the great outdoors. With 6 miles of mountain biking trails, a 9-hole disk golf course, a playground, a dog park, and a community garden, even those who don’t consider themselves to be “outdoorsy” may find themselves drawn to this fun and active community! There are exactly 559 spacious home sites in the Parks of Aledo with houses built by several top area builders.

Ross Utley

Ross Utley


 “It's designed for you to be outside. There is over 80 acres of untouched, natural greenspace which is rare to find in DFW. My kids love playing on the playgrounds and exploring the over 8 miles of hiking/biking trails surrounding the neighborhood.

Coveted Street: Jenkin’s Road

One of our favorite hidden gems is Jenkins Road that connects East Bankhead to Underwood Road. This winding country road offer the convenience of being close to I-20 as well as central Aledo. A drive down Jenkins road feels a little like California’s treasured Rancho Santa Fe area. If you’ve never done so, we encourage you to take the time to drive this tree-lined street, taking in the sprawling ranches and gated private drives along this beautiful stretch of land. We think this might be one of our favorite Aledo spots.

Further South on 1187: Downtown Aledo

If you continue on down 1187 it will bring you to the heart of Aledo and the official “City of Aledo.” For quite some time community in Aledo centered around the schools and sports. However, a gradual shift has been occuring, thanks to the hard work of some visionary people such as our own agent Josh Rogers. Josh started investing in commercial properties in Aledo in 2006 with the desire to create “places that people can work local and get together on nights and weekends, rather than having to look outside the community for these things.” As infrastructure improves and people like Josh invest in downtown real estate, a shift has begun to occur. Although there have been local businesses in downtown Aledo for many years, now you can find many more quality restaurants and local businesses popping up in this historic but ever-evolving town center. Along with local businesses and the Post Office around downtown Aledo you will also find a few smaller neighborhoods, many with older homes. There are too many of these small neighborhoods to mention all of them, but a few include: Brook Hollow, Woodland Lake Estates, and Versailles Estates. This is historic Aledo, and it’s definitely an exciting time to watch it develop.

Josh Rogers

Josh Rogers


“Our family moved to Aledo in 1995. After getting more of a feel for life in the country and meeting the people that lived there, we knew this is where we wanted to establish roots and raise a family. We moved our business to the heart of the downtown district of Aledo in 2005 and have really enjoyed getting to know so many local families while restoring properties in the community. We feel a strong call to do what we can to improve the quality of life for those that live here.”

Villages of Aledo

If you wander down FM 5 past Bearcat Park and McAnally you may find yourself in this lovely little neighborhood. Comprised of only three streets and less than 100 houses, there is only one entrance and exit to this cozy part of town. Most homes were built in the early 2000s. Many lots are less than one acre but there are some with larger lots and plenty of mature trees! Although it is a tight-knit community, residents enjoy the benefit of no H.O.A. expenses.

Amy Ware

Amy Ware


Living in Aledo is one of the best choices my husband and I ever made for our family! We love the small-town feel, the close-knit community that rallies around the successes of our children and the faith the threads through all facets of our little town! In the Villages of Aledo we have found a well-maintained neighborhood with residents that care about their properties and their neighbors. We have a very active Facebook group and members support one another and look out for one another.”

Vear East: 1187 Continues

Veer East as 1187 bends to the left and there are some great pockets with lovely lots and homes. Many of these homes have Fort Worth addresses but are still part of Aledo ISD. From the quiet stretch of Kelly Road to some larger new developments, there are plenty of choices in this region. The added benefit is that some of these homes offer quite an easy commute to Fort Worth or beyond.

Street Worth Exploring: Kelly Road

Although available properties aren’t frequent, the long stretch of Kelly Road provides quite a bit of real estate diversity. From wide open prairie to tree-covered hills, Kelly Road offers a variety of homes in a variety of settings with a true secluded, country feel. There are a few small developments such as Rio Lobo, but many of the homes are individual properties. There are sometimes ranches and larger lots available for those who truly want to own a piece of the country. As Aledo continues to grow, more development will likely push south, meaning that Kelly Road will see more homes built and more amenities offered in the future.

Bella Flora:

Technically Bella Flora is in Fort Worth, but it too is a part of the high-ranking Aledo ISD. The neighborhood is gated and guarded, giving residence added security, and each home rests on at least 1 acre of land. Three ponds and a lovely park enhance the natural beauty of this neighborhood, and some homes even offer lake-front views and amenities. Although all lots on Bella Flora have been sold, that doesn’t mean homes aren’t available. Homes start at 3400 square feet. As if more inducement was needed, residents enjoy no city taxes.

Bill Jones

Bill Jones

Broker Associate

 “Bella Flora is a wonderful community. There are three ponds (two of which have lighted fountains in the middle) which are home to our neighborhood ducks!  It is not uncommon to see deer or turkey meandering through the neighborhood. There is a wonderful park with wood bridges and a concrete path that meanders through it.  We have many neighborhood gatherings here throughout the year. We are a very close-knit group, as a result! It is located just 20 minutes from downtown Fort Worth, which is very convenient!

Bella Flora
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Vear West: Meet, FM 5

Instead of taking the fork towards the east, continue to the south and west and you will be on FM 5 which opens up all kinds of new possibilities. Proceeding beyond McAnnally 6th Grade Center you’ll find the popular kid hang out at Bearcat Park and several great neighborhoods including Stone Bluff and Fairview before you descend down a large hill and past some expansive ranches and ranchettes. Proceed further on past many private drives, lakes, miles of raw land, and interesting topography that place you deep into the Aledo experience and provide a sense of remoteness and country existence.

Hidden Gem: Fairview

Behind a charming stone entrance, the mini-development of Fairview is a loop of only about twelve homes. Initially it was a project launched by Village Homes, but has since expanded to include other builders. The neighborhood has a yesteryear feel with tasteful landscaping. There’s something about the beauty and style of this place that harkens back to old-world Europe. On top of all this the small neighborhood sits on a bluff and many of the lots offer breathtaking views!

Fairview Neighborhood Aledo
Fairview Neighborhood Aledo Texas
Jeff Anderson

Jeff Anderson

REALTOR®/ Partner

“Seven years ago my wife looked at me and said, ‘I love living in Fort Worth, but I think I’m always going to wonder what it would be like to live in the country.’ Before I knew it, we were moving and on our way to becoming a part of Aledo. Home is about the people inside it, the dreams and values you aspire toward and the memories you make. We loved living in Fort Worth yet discovered an equal affection for Aledo."

Still Further West: The Western Half of Loop 5 

The combination of FM 1187 and FM 5 create a horseshoe that starts at I-20 and loops all the way back to I-20 further west. When you reach the western half of the horseshoe you will find yourself wandering through three small but lovely towns: Annetta, Annetta South, and Annetta North. These towns are also a part of Aledo ISD and share much in common with Aledo proper. Describing all three would take quite some time, but here’s a glimpse into just one...


Annetta North:

In east Parker County, just south of Willow Park and Hudson Oaks, lies the town of Annetta North. There are many housing options at different price points from lovely gated communities such as Oakcrest Hills Estates that offer luxury, custom homes to more affordable homes that aren’t in gated communities. The average size of home is around 3,000 square feet with many lots over one acre! If you love the idea of rolling farmland accompanied by fairly easy access to many urban amenities, Annetta North might be a great choice!

Jonathan Bell

Jonathan Bell


"I love living in Annetta North because of the small-town feel and the excellent Aledo school district. The nearby amenities offered in Willow Park, Hudson Oaks, and Weatherford, as well as the close proximity to I-20, make it an ideal location to call home. I love being a part of the exciting growth happening in our surrounding area!"

Lakes of Aledo

Between East and West: Old Annetta Road

Old Annetta Road runs east and west and serves as a bridge between the western half of the “horseshoe” and “downtown Aledo.” On this winding country road can be found a number of neighborhoods that have plenty of wonderful lots and excellent homes to choose from. If you want an idyllic Sunday drive experience look no farther than this tree lined charming drive.

McDavid Terrace

Off of Old Annetta road (“the second neighborhood after the longhorns,” as one neighbor described it.) is this lovely, quiet neighborhood. In fact, you could easily mistake this development for a private ranch as only open land greet you at the entrance and the homes are tucked further back off of the main road. Homes in this neighborhood are on at least 1 acre of land and range from around 3500 to 4000 square feet. It’s a small community with only about 23 homes.

Rachel Prestage

Rachel Prestage


I love Aledo, my neighborhood specifically, because I know my neighbors are watching out for my family as much as I am watching out for theirs.  Having children who play outside frequently with the neighborhood crew, I appreciate only one way in and out of the neighborhood. Also, we are tucked back, not off the main road, therefore, we don’t often get miscellaneous traffic.


The Right Place For You?

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not a move to Aledo might be in your future, give us a call. One of our knowledgeable agents would be happy to talk through your questions and needs. Regardless of whether or not you make the move, it’s good to know that Fort Worth has such great neighbors. We’re certainly proud to represent Fort Worth, Aledo, and many of the other fantastic surrounding regions!

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